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User:news (12)
Schools:None listed
Friend of:50000: 007, 02840, 081706, 12am, 13, 143, 17, 182, 1945, 1993, 21, 23, 3, 300, 30stm, 3eb, 4est, 5, 50cent, 666, 6661, 7, 9, _, __rising_star, _echo, _hitsuzen, a, a7x, a_chr0i, a_knight, aa, aaactionsetgo, aar, aarongillespie, abbish, abcdef, abercrombie, aberforth, abigail, abigailjlucas, abigale, ablazzara, abouttofray, abraxas, abrody, abugslife, aburbank, accardi, accardivin, accountant, acdc, ace, aceyoung, achilles, achim, ackles, acrew, act, action, actionlad, actress, acute, adalae, adam_copeland, adambanks, adamburbank, adams, add, addiction, addictions, adds, adeline, adema, adhd, admire, adolf, adorable, adorables, adoring, adozenpapercuts, adriana_lima, adriann, adriannepalicki, adrien, adriengrenier, adult, adultery, adventure, aerith, aerosmith, aesthete, aesthetics, affleck, afireinside, afo, africa, afro, afroman, afterlife, afterparty, afterthetears, afycso, against, agatha, agnes, agnusdei, ah, ahathaway, ahspiders, aidanlynch, aidenjames, aids, aim, ains, air_raid, airhostess, airjordan, airwaves, airways, ajax, ajmclean, ajoy, ajoymichalka, ak47, akam, akeb, akemi, akihikio, akitch, akon, akroyd, aladin, alan, alana, alanrickman, alarid, alastor, alazzara, albajessica, album, albusdumbledore, alcohol, aldo, alec, alejandro, aleksandr, alekto, alena, alesana, ...
Account type:Permanent Account

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