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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]jimmy. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: Breaking Hearts
Keywords: Horse - Summerly
Keywords: Cloud
Keywords: Soot Balls
From Spirited Away
Keywords: Grissom
Keywords: Kadaj
Keywords: Sephiroth
Keywords: Kadaj - Immortal
Keywords: Cloud with Sword
Keywords: Sephiroth - Wonderful
Keywords: Arashi
Keywords: Asami
Keywords: Cloud - Pain
Keywords: Cloud - Died For You
Keywords: ED - Love Shower
Keywords: Share Dreams
Keywords: ED - Can't Accept
Keywords: Mario vs. Bowser
Keywords: Horse - Eventing
Keywords: Blink 182
Keywords: MadTV - Stuart
Keywords: Evie - Pop That Top!
Credit: [info]jimmy
Keywords: Computer Addiction
Keywords: Alkaline Trio
Keywords: ED - Give Heart Red
Keywords: Will Be Waiting For You
Keywords: Paper Clip
Keywords: Gunslinger Girl - Best Friend
Keywords: TBS - Slit Throat
Keywords: Thursday
Keywords: Davey and Jade
Keywords: Sick of Writing Songs About You
Keywords: Blink 182 - Feeling This
Keywords: Monsters Inc.
Keywords: Hilary Duff Swirl
Keywords: Horse - Lemon Drop kid
Keywords: Horse - Easy Goer
Keywords: Horse - Affirmed
Keywords: Got the Mic
Keywords: Bang!
Keywords: ED - And You Are Next
Keywords: Thursday - Jamming
Keywords: Can't Feel Anything
Keywords: ED - Mend Heart
Keywords: ED - Lost Heart
Keywords: ED - Kill You All
Keywords: Horse - Strong Bond
Keywords: ED - Pink
Keywords: Horse - Art in Motion
Keywords: Dream To Make Believe
Credit: [info]jimmy
Keywords: Cloud - Broken
Keywords: Thirteen
Credit: [info]jimmy
Keywords: Horse - Endurance
Keywords: Every Time I Die
Credit: [info]jimmy
Keywords: ED - Ooh Fire!
Keywords: ED - Banana Ear
Keywords: ED - Little Things
Keywords: ED - Thought You Loved Me
Keywords: ED - Stupid Fight
Keywords: ED - Now Be My Friend!
Keywords: ED - Please Grow
Keywords: ED - Make Me Garbage
Keywords: We Grew Apart
Keywords: Link on Epona
Keywords: Gackt
Keywords: Greg Sanders - Geeks Rule
Keywords: Huggy Bear
Credit: [info]jimmy
Keywords: Punk
Keywords: ED - Make Him Love Me
Keywords: Jaques
Credit: [info]jimmy
Keywords: Nippet Love
Credit: [info]jimmy
Keywords: Horse - Northern Dancer
Keywords: Thirteen - Evie & Tracy
Credit: [info]jimmy
Keywords: TBS - Worst Nightmare
Keywords: Triforce
Keywords: Cloud - Waiting for You
Keywords: Warcraft - Blood Elf
Keywords: Warcraft - Human Girl
Keywords: Warcraft - Blood Elf 2
Keywords: Warcraft - Troll
Keywords: Warcraft - Night Elf
Keywords: Warcraft - Night Elf 2
Keywords: Warcraft - Undead
Keywords: Warcraft - Tauren
Keywords: Warcraft - For the Horde
Keywords: Neko
Credit: [info]jimmy
Keywords: Lacey 1
Credit: [info]jimmy
Keywords: Lacey 2
Credit: [info]jimmy
Keywords: Lacey 3
Credit: [info]jimmy
Keywords: Hilary Duff
Keywords: Horse Laying Down in Storm
Credit: LJ User popehippo
Keywords: Horses in a Moutain
Credit: LJ User popehippo
Keywords: Belgian Horse Eye
Credit: LJ User popehippo
Keywords: Horses on a Mountain
Credit: LJ User popehippo
Keywords: 2 Horses
Credit: LJ User popehippo
Keywords: Horses in Field
Credit: LJ User popehippo
Keywords: Horses Face to Face
Credit: LJ User popehippo
Keywords: Horse in the Fall
Credit: LJ User popehippo
Keywords: Horse Eye
Credit: LJ User popehippo
Keywords: Riders on Beach
Credit: LJ User popehippo
Keywords: Hilary Duff Sweet 16
Keywords: Hilary Duff Stuff
Keywords: Hilary Duff Stuff 2
Keywords: Hilary Duff Heart
Keywords: Lizzie - What Dreams Are Made Of
Keywords: Lizzie - Sweet Life
Keywords: Ashley Olsen
Keywords: Horse Love
Credit: LJ User jira_rd
Keywords: Ashley Tisdale Smiles
Keywords: Ashley Tisdale
Keywords: asian kung-fu generation
Made by: [info]jimmy
Keywords: Jimmy Airsoft
This is me playing airsoft!

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