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User:hisokaomi (15418)
There is only one Truth
Can you believe it?
Bio:This journal is created in response to the same username that I have been actively using in livejournal and Insanejournal.

I will be posting some random phrases in response to some RL events in this journal since the customised layout is cool and it's a waste to ignore this account.
Interests:23: alphonse, alphonse elric, anime, bleach, camera, computers, detective conan, edogawa conan, fma, kudo shinichi, kurosaki hisoka, manga, mouri kogoro, photographs, photography, photoshop, ranting, shana, tour, travel, tsukiyono omi, weiss kreuz, yami no matsuei
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, news, system, weak
Communities11:100x100, 10variations, addme, animeaddme, dear_you, fontaddicts, harsh, iam, promote, thefangirlof, upload
Friend of:1: weak
Member of:13: 100x100, 10variations, addme, animeaddme, animeicons, dear_you, fontaddicts, harsh, iam, promote, thefangirlof, upload, wish_list
Account type:Early Free User

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