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Community Information

Below is information about the "promote!" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:promote (7972)
(no userpics)

promote your communities here! tell people a little bit about what it is and see who wants to join. :) comments are disabled because people don't know how to keep their mouth shut and not start drama so i have to act like a mommy and remove all temptation. :( if your post is not a promotion i will delete it when i see it and if you do it more than once i will mark it as spam when i remove it and remove you.

this is not a place to find friends on scribbld! if you're looking for an add-me community so you can make new friends or whatever, i suggest [info]addme! :) thank you very much!

Interests:6: communities, community, join, new community, promote, promoting
Maintainers:1: boobie
Members:154: 61_keys_to_play, amour, anonlulz, ashwee, beanon, behindthesea, beliefs, blooms, blueisland, bluntz, bohemian, boobie, bounce, caffeine, camaro, canaduh, canary, casshern, cec, cecille, celebrate, cherish, chill, chuckles, chucknorris, clubs, coco, confederate, cryptozoology, debate, decembersnow, devoured, devours, diaochan, dickweed, dirtyjersey, disneyworld, doubleindemnity, drinks, drug, drugs, etudes, fantasy, faq, fatalbeliever, flirty, forgive, freebird, freekatieholmes, fuckass, funk, gardens, generous, gulf, harlequin, higinia, hisokaomi, holdyourstage, honeybee, im_sirius, it, jacobjunkie_177, jadedlioness, jaxie, jealous, joyrides, kaycelei, kazuya, killmedead, kouger_paw, laceandcream, laci, ladybug218, ladyfresh, lawrencearms, lawrencegordon, ley, loh, loosen_up_judas, lovehoodies, mai, maintainer, marvelfan, mazes, mei, mel, mixtapes, monument, musicable, nargles, nejjeh, nice, notjustapuppet, nova_gurl, nude, oneliners, oopsies, papergiraffes, party, peanut, perpetual, playdate, pocahontas, popbottles, pornograffiti, psiloveu, pure, pygmypuffle, radar, rainbowpills, rescue, roadie, roniah, rowie, ruin, rum, rumors, rushmore, satisfaction, sexandcandy, sexuality, shagorgagmods, shawnee, shinimegami, sick, skye, smoke, soceolie, songbird, sounds, sparks, stark_inc, strangeson, sundays, takemeaway, tangerinetrees, tankgirl, teased, thatsillogical_, titjobs, twig, tyciol, undreamt, up, viored, walk, wasabi, water, weak, wethekings, whannell, zellywellywoowo
Account type:Early Adopter

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