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User:rainbowpills (12259)
bonbonez @ synthetics lab kru
the candy fairy
Location:the candy factory, Bulgaria
rainbow pills

i have the solution
to the drug problem of this
country..nobody wants to hear it,
but i have it.. now less drugs.. more drugs..
get more drugs and give them to to right fucking people...

extended info

Interests:107: 80`s, 90`s, acid, akineton, amphetamine, art, arts, bodyart, bright colors, candy, care bears, cartoons, codeine, coke, colorful, colors, dreads, drool, drug, drugs, drum&bass, drumnbass, dyed hair, ecstasy, electronic music, extazy, fairies, fairy, gabba, gabber, ganja, getting high, glitter, glitters, glow, glow sticks, graffiti, green, hallucinations, hard techno, hardcore, heroin, hip-hop, hugs, idm, internet, jamaican slang, jazz, kandi, kandy, keds, ketamine, laces, lsd, magic mushrooms, mdma, methadone, morphine, munching, mushrooms, my little pony, neon, other dimension, painkillers, parties, party, partying, phat pants, piercing, pills, pink, pixels, plur, powder, powerpuff girls, psychedelic, purple, rainbow, rainbow brite, rave, rave boots, rave culture, rave pants, raveing, ravers, ribbons, rivotril, rollin, snort, snuff, speed, stars, sticks, strawberry shortcake, sweets, synthetics, tattoo, techno, the powerpuff girls, trance, trip, trip-hop, tripping, tutu, weed, weight loss, xtc
Schools:None listed
People9:autopsyfear, decapitation, flirty, frisky, how, snapple, sunkyung, tastygreenmint, val0
Communities13:100x100, addme, backgrounds, crowded, disorder_crew, donut, flamecup, honorcup, inkpen, promo, promote, thrashground, upload
Friend of:5: decapitation, frisky, snapple, sunkyung, val0
Member of:13: 100x100, addme, backgrounds, crowded, disorder_crew, donut, flamecup, honorcup, inkpen, promo, promote, thrashground, upload
Account type:Early Adopter

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