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User:frisky (13478)
(no userpics)
Interests:43: adoring lindsay lohan, ashe watson, avocado, being classy, being different, being obsessed with emma watson, burt's bees, celebrity gossip, channing tatum, chloĆ©, choppy side bangs, dancing in the car, edward cullen, eloquence, fashion magazines, football, gin and tonics, good manners, high fashion, hot bitches, indie, juicy couture socks, kisses on the forehead, knowing what to say, law & order: svu, making out, making people look, maurice morris, nicole richie, not war, noticing every detail, old school pop music, people watching, rocking out, seattle seahawks, stalking travis mccoy, tea, the thesaurus, tynisha keli, victoria's secret pink collection, watching football, wine, words
Schools:None listed
People10:bossy, coroner, cujo, forgivedreamers, freckle, funk, masuimi, rainbowpills, skye, smoothie
Account type:Early Adopter

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