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Community Information

Below is information about the "let's talk about sex, baby." community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:sextalk (12504)
(no userpics)
Name:let's talk about sex, baby.
Theme:sex questions, concerns, advice, and answers
Website:it's your sex life

Please, just have and maintain a cool, mature atmosphere in this community and there should be no problems. Remember: no question is a dumb question and people come here looking for real advice and real answers. Some subjects talked about in this community are serious ones so don't be a snob or put anyone down. No matter what the question is, be civil.

Appropriate topics:
1. Birth control.
2. Male and female contaception/protection.
3. General sex questions or concerns.
4. Pregnancy.
5. Male and female reproductive organ questions.
6. "Sex toys."
7. Stories and experiences. However, I'm sure most people will want these behind a cut with a warning. They must be non-fictional in nature and tastefully presented.

Inappropriate topics:
1. Anything outside the topic of sex or any of the seven appropriate topics above.
2. Pornography of any type. It will never, ever become an appropriate topic for this community UNLESS there is an overwhelming/substantial amount of members who deem this subject appropriate.
3. Images of any type. There are to be absolutely no images in any post at any time. Ever. If you feel that your images enhance your question, concern, or post, please get consent from the moderator before you decide to post them. Thank you.

My last reminder is that this is your community. It exists for the members to participate, educate, and be educated. Without the members, this community is useless. I have rules in place for porn and images to protect the members and their friends pages. Some people do not want the be involved in discussions about porn or view images of sexual nature - especially people who cruise this site at work during their lunch break or something. So, please, abide by the rules of what is and is not appropriate. If I am contacted by many of members who nicely articulate that either or both of these topics are needed and useful within the community, I will allow them, but with several precautions in place for members to take in order for this place to run as smoothly as possible. But, as of now, these topics are forbidden. Thank you all for your cooperation and please, please, please be safe.

Please do not hesistate to contact [info]boobie at any time with any questions you might have pertaining to this community. I will respond as soon as possible.

Maintainers:1: boobie
Members:370: 872007, _bden_, _twisted, a_chr0i, adore, againstbri, aibou, ailis, akrichards1134, alarice, alienfetus, aliens, alyx, amanda, amandawieme, amazon, amour, amourfully, anatomy, anemone, anonnymouse, appeal, arctic, armcandy, artistodionysus, ashwee, aspire, athena, atma, atmosphere, audacity, aventura, azalea, ballet, banhart, beachkids, bearhug, beast, beastial, beautybombs, bebe, beckymarie, beirut, beliefs, bellamasen, birdie, black_ice, blissfully, bloodleaf, blueheaven, bmw, bohemian, boners, boobie, bootyshorts, bosox, bouncy, bows, bumbballgirl19, buttrflyeffect, caffeine, cairo, callida, cannibal, careless, catwalk, ceruleanoctober, charade, charliegh, charmbracelet, cherieamour, cherryboomstick, chimera, chloee, chuckles, cienciadedormir, cincinnati, cityofevil, clever, clydesdale, coasts, cocks, codyfallsforth, costas, coutured, crazyferblink, creeep, croak, ctalk, dannynoriega, davetango, davis, daydreams, dcma, debris, decapitation, decode, dedicated, delias, desolate___0x6, dessen, disguisedmelody, disneyworld, ditte, dkz, dmwacoustics, dodos_conundrum, donahue, dorny, dreams, drinks, drug, dust, ebola, ecoute, eimii, elliottsmith, embarrassed, erisreg, erzulie, etudes, everley, fangbangerr, fantasque, fantine, fhqwhgads, fiasco, flamingoes, flint, florence, forbidden_love, forestoftrees, forevertsk, fourfourbeat, foxxy, freckle, frisky, frozenfyre, funk, funky, fuze, ganymede, geneva, glamorousqueen, glimpses, golani, goldensnitch, grant, greenem, grindcore, grouphugs, gulf, halfthewords, headlines, heartburn, heartofsteel, hellokitty, hilary, hispanic, histrionicss_x, hitler, hotdigidydog, hotpocketman, how, humanitea, hummingbirds, hunkydory, i_ronic, icedchai, illuminated, illusions, imagine, incandescente, inspire, iris, jaxie, juggy, kaellan, kaycelei, keepmeonmytoes, keepsake, kickflip, killit, killmedead, kirara, krankheit, kristine_, kristopher, laceandcream, ladolcevita, langers, lapiz, lascivious, latour, laughs, lawliet, lawrencegordon, lazzaras, lbc, liable, lighthouse, lightthetorches, likeamelody, likethis, lilers, lilyyip, lionessgroves, littlemonster, livis, loosen_up_judas, lovenote, loverface, luckydigits, luvahs, luvotomy, lyssa, maplecherries, maps, maybeitsjustme, meiosis, mel, melisa, metalllica, midnight, mikkelsen, milkyway, minard, missamerica, mixtapes, mmmbeards, model, monument, morgan, mustaches, myheroine, nabokov, natural, nicotine, nimsy, notjustapuppet, oopsies, opheliac, otter, over, oxycontin, pacsun, pance, paperdoll386, partybag, peanut, pearls, pegg, pelham, perpetual, persephone, phantomdoll, photobooths, pixie_dust, popgoesmyheart, promiscuous, pure, pursuingdesign, pygmypuffle, pyr0m4n14c, quirked, rains, rambo, rapprocher, realfakegold, redemptionsong, reira, religion, reptile, reunion, reveille, rhcp, rocket, ruba535, rue_crow, rufus, runaway96, sacred, sanctified, sandglass, scarol, scent, schnurrbart, scissorhands, scrabble, seaponies, seashore, serotonin, sex_pancake, sexpert, sexual, sexuality, sexytime, shirabellissima, shwayze, sincere, siriuslysnape, skeptics, skittery, skylessnight, slutfuck, smashbox, smashed_, smellofautumn, smoke, smoothie, snapple, snowday, socal, solar, sonetlumiere, sonyaann, sonzai, sotrees, speak, spine, spunoutonyou, ssuplgood, stargown, stevegonsalves, stfuplz, stigmata, stopthecars, strait, stunning, sunshiine, supermario, symmetry, takemeaway, teeth, tennessee, thedeathset, thekooks, tinyvegan, titjobs, toolie, tragus, translation, tryst, tujourspur, turquoise, twisted, tyciol, tyla, uhoh, varlet, velociraptor, virus, voices, walk, wanderlust, water, weetzie, whiterabbitt, why, wishes, wishfully, yellowsubmarine, ygritte, zeppelined, zoli, zombeh
Account type:Early Adopter

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