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User:armcandy (10739)

hi i'm lindee cale. i like to do a lot of things and hate sitting around and waiting. my heart is in new york, where i long to be. i love everything to be big and fancy, loud and crazy, colorful and fun. i loveeee my dog james. i just love life.. well most of the time for that matter.
Interests:38: arts, bling, bright colors, candy, coloring, concerts, crafts, dogs, drinking, flowers, friends, guitar hero, guys, jack daniels, jewlery, love, markers, men, movies, music, nail polish, new york, parties, photography, pictures, pink, poetry, sex, snow boarding, sparkles, stars, sunshine, tattoos, vacation, victoria's secret, weed, writting, wwe
People3:kaycelei, rebmalee, twisted
Mutual Friends:2: kaycelei, twisted
Also Friend of:1: takemeaway
Member of:5: 100x100, addme, bitchbook, honorcup, sextalk
Account type:Early Adopter

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