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User:rebmalee (23229)
Location:United States
AOL IM:AIM status heartsamber (Add Buddy, Send Message)
i'm amber.
i make bad choices.
and i need new friends.
i'll write about that a lot.
add me.

i'm nothing like i used to be, i'm not shy but i'm not too out going. i don't have a job or a license. i'm still a little girl even though i'm a senior in high school. i'm in love but single. i should have lived in the 80s. i love to write and not use capital letters. i update a lot. add me!
Schools:None listed
People8:bella_virg0, desiired, etudes, ginabites, langers, manderr, news, takemeaway
Communities3:addme, dear_you, savinme
Mutual Friends:7: bella_virg0, desiired, etudes, ginabites, langers, manderr, takemeaway
Account type:Early Free User

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