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User:desiired (15726)
Name:lauren ashley ♥
Location:Pike Creek ♥, Delaware, United States
AOL IM:AIM status italiaaxx (Add Buddy, Send Message)

nineteen . fuck everything .

no matter how you chop it; screw it; mix it, theres only one me. i got everything i need & i ain't fuckin it up for nobody. real talk. to say i'm complicated is an understatement at its best. i'm whimsical, i harbor no talents & i have no real conscious on where i want to go in life. i'm good for loving which i give inconsistently, whining, & false attempts in blending in. money is my passion & to me is like crack; i have to have it, it's the only thing in my life that i constantly crave. i need to be reminded that i'm cared about 24/7, & that i'm loved even more. i absolutely adore my best friends & without them i wouldn't be here today; that's a promise. my family is my everything & more; that's a given. without all the people in my life, i would be nothing - they kept me together when i felt like i was doing nothing but falling apart & i'll be forever grateful. i'm far from a bitch; unless you make me into one. i have a sailors mouth & a hustlers mentality. i'm very independent & rely on myself for everything. my boyfriend is my everything, & i mean it. i live fully in the moment & i never look back. i'm the kind of person that will try anything once without hesitation; it's the kid in me. i refuse to ever grow up, i will always be the person twirling in circles on the pavement. i believe in karma so much it becomes a burden in my everyday life. when i meet you every insecurity i have ever had runs through my brain at that exact second & i won't talk because of it. i've gone through a lot of moments where i had no idea who i was or who i was trying to be; but i'm figuring myself out, finally. don't ask my why i do the things i do, cause frankly, i don't know the answer. i contradict myself everyday & i'm the biggest hypocrite i know. i sought strength from things i shouldn't have & been places i should have ran from; but that's all the past & i've learned from it all. i have a huge fear i will wake up one day with regrets & missed chances, so i do it all. i find my happiness in the simplest things & i'm thankful everyday that i'm alive. i'm unlike every girl you'll ever meet & even after reading all of this, you still don't even know half of me. [;
Interests:131: $, , ™, 022809, 11:11, abercrombie, absolut vodka, adriana lima, aerie, american eagle, armani exchange, aviators, bacardi, balenciaga, big sunglasses, blackberry, broadway, burberry, cameras, cell phones, chanel, cheerleading, christian dior, city lights, clothes, coach, coldstone, comments, corona, cosmo, crown royal, daiquiri, dancing, daytona, delias, diamonds, dippin dots, dkny, dolce & gabanna, dutches, express, eyeliner, facebook, fashion, fendi, flavor of love, flip-flops, gatorade, green tea, grey goose, gucci, gymnastics, h&m, handbags, heineken, hennessy, high heels, holding hands, hollister, honda civic, hoodies, hypnotiq, ipods, jenna jameson, jimmy choo, jose cuervo, journeys, juicy couture, kate spade, kissing, lancome, late nights, lax, lil wayne, lindsay lohan, lingerie, lucky jeans, mac, manicures, marc jacobs, margaritas, marijuana, marilyn monroe, marlboro, mascara, mini dress, miss sixty, music, my boyfriend, nail polish, nicole richie, nike dunks, pacsun, parties, peace, pedicures, perfection, photobooths, pong, ripped jeans, roxy, sex, skinny jeans, smirnoff, snapple, soccer, something corporate, starbucks, steelers, steve madden, summer, surfing, taking back sunday, tanning, tanning booths, texting, the beach, thongs, tiffany & co, uggs, vacation, vera bradley, vera wang, versace, victoria's secret, vitamin water, vodka, vogue, wedges, weed, your mom bitch
People18:britfag, drinks, driveshaft, dust, enchanted_love, grumpiebear, hookah, lambie, nude, plastichearts, rebmalee, retrouvailles, scilence, sweety, tilt, tragus, uhoh, wallflower
Communities9:addme, aimsn, bitchbook, chill, donut, flamecup, fontaddicts, inkpen, nerds
Friend of:17: blueisland, britfag, dolls, driveshaft, dust, enchanted_love, grumpiebear, lambie, nude, rebmalee, retrouvailles, scilence, surfers, sweety, tilt, tragus, uhoh
Member of:9: addme, aimsn, bitchbook, chill, donut, flamecup, fontaddicts, inkpen, nerds
Account type:Early Free User

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