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User:enchanted_love (14135)
enchanted love:
∂ι∂ уσυ киσω тнαт уσυ ωєяє му нαρριℓу єνєя αfтєя؟
Location:Wisconsin, United States
"It's possible to take bravery to the
point where it becomes insanity."

- Edward Cullen


A weightloss community at scribbld.
Join for support, not eating disorder.

A community to express your passions and NOT be judged on looks!!
Memories6 entries
Interests:77: , adorable guys, aerie, american eagle, animals, anti-fat, banners, baths, beauty, being free, being loved, boyfriend, cam whoring, cameras, caring, cell phones, change, chapstick, clothes, clothes that fit, coach, comments, cuddles, dancing, diamonds, fashion, flexibility, flip-flops, free weights, fruit, fun, getting healthy, green tea, happiness, harry potter, healthy eating, healthy weight loss, hoodies, hope, icons, indie music, intimate feelings, ipods, laughing, layouts, lip gloss, memories, my boyfriend, organic food, pacsun, photography, pilates, reading, reading sarah dessen, self love, self-esteem, shampoo, singing, smirnoff, snapple, starbucks, steve madden, summer nights, sweethearts, swimming, temptation, thinner, twilight, uggs, understanding, vanilla chai teas, victoria's secret, vitamin water, vodka, well being, writing, yoga
Schools:None listed
People24:bellamasen, bosox, british, decapitation, desiired, etudes, flirty, freebird, heartest, hugs, illuminated, keepmeonmytoes, mannequins, paperbackwriter, plastichearts, pualani, pygmypuffle, ricia, sapphireblue, scilence, shoreline, skye, spade, undreamt
Communities9:bluesky, chill, conquered, honorcup, iconic, inkpen, lookingoodbb, tattoos, wellbeing
Mutual Friends:17: bellamasen, bosox, british, decapitation, desiired, etudes, hugs, illuminated, mannequins, paperbackwriter, plastichearts, pualani, pygmypuffle, ricia, sapphireblue, shoreline, skye
Also Friend of:8: britfag, codyfallsforth, generous, grumpiebear, jaxie, monkers, sexytime, viored
Member of:12: bluesky, chill, conquered, honorcup, iam, iconic, inkpen, lookingoodbb, nerds, tattoos, twilightfans, wellbeing
Account type:Early Free User

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