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Community Information

Below is information about the "Blue Sky." community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:bluesky (16259)
Name:Blue Sky.


This is the first ever scribbld custom community. I will make custom icons of whatever you want. Celebrity pictures, your pictures, your dog - whatever you want! Credit would be appreciated but I'm not going to track you down & tag your ear if you don't. Besides, everyone pretty much knows my work, you're going to look silly if you say you did it yourself. From time to time, I'll do customs banners, maybe even layouts. Right now it's new so I'm only doing icons.


Interests:8: 100x100, custom made icons, custom-made, customizing, graphics, icons, layouts, requests
Maintainers:1: freebird
Members:67: 021590, 6385, aprilx0x, atelier, bbycakes18, blissfully, bows, bubblegum, cherryboomstick, chucknorris, cityofevil, contrary, cranium, cupcakin, curiosity, cutiefreak, dandi, dcma, devours, disneyworld, enchanted_love, fiasco, freebird, haunt, higinia, hilary, himemiya, hotdigidydog, illuminated, inspire, jealous, konichiwa, krankheit, kristenvaleria, luring_hearts, lux, lyserg, meiosis, melrose, mightyheart, musicable, of_ontario, onmyheart, oopsies, pandolfo, parrot, pocahontas, risky, rubbish, shinimegami, shoreline, siriuslysnape, smoke, smoothie, songbird, startrek, sunkyung, teefs, thekooks, titjobs, untamed_night, utopian_dream, wasabi, whiskey, yellowsubmarine, zombeh
Watched by:41: 021590, 6385, aprilx0x, blissfully, chucknorris, cityofevil, cupcakin, cutiefreak, dandi, dcma, devours, enchanted_love, freebird, higinia, hilary, himemiya, hotdigidydog, inspire, jealous, konichiwa, krankheit, kristenvaleria, luring_hearts, lux, lyserg, melrose, musicable, of_ontario, pandolfo, risky, rubbish, shinimegami, shoreline, siriuslysnape, smoke, songbird, startrek, thekooks, titjobs, utopian_dream, yellowsubmarine
Account type:Early Free User

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