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User:atelier (16079)
i will be gone by morning
my dear london, goodnight.
Name:the sigh of wild electricity
Location:phoenix, Arizona, United States
AOL IM:AIM status kisaki died (Add Buddy, Send Message)
MSN Username:
Bio:hi, i'm fea.
i can't believe i got so far with a head so empty
I regret leaving it all. I forgot I needed God, like a big brother
and maybe when I die, yeah when I die
I will die escaping. I will die returning to the fold
but I still have eyes! wait for me, wait for me

myspace link

[info]iam the Patrick Wolf of Scribbld.
Interests:7: cake fuck yeah, food, newspaper club, original characters, patrick wolf, roleplay, the major key
Schools:New Britain High School - New Britain, CT (2005)
McClintock High School - Tempe, AZ (2005 - 2007)
Paradise Valley High School - Phoenix, AZ (2007 - present)
People16:adammonroe, bodysuit, catacombkitten, headspin, higinia, jimmy, loutaylorpucci, news, rambo, realhorrorshow, saekuto, shattering, skye, smellofautumn, system, viored
Communities10:conquered, donut, flamecup, honorcup, iam, kiyoko, nerds, sq, upload, uploads
Friend of:23: adammonroe, amok, blunts, bodysuit, britfag, cannibal, catacombkitten, charade, codyfallsforth, higinia, kazuya, loutaylorpucci, mannequins, maps, monkers, nude, poem, rapture, realhorrorshow, saekuto, skye, smellofautumn, viored
Member of:14: addme, bluesky, brutal, conquered, donut, flamecup, honorcup, iam, kiyoko, nerds, sq, thrashground, upload, uploads
Account type:Early Free User

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