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User:britfag (16476)
Location:England, London, United Kingdom
AOL IM:AIM status mehscenekid (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Im 20 years old and am from England.


I Rate myself higher then you
Im to sarcastic for my life
I take too many pictures
some might even say a PICTURE WHORE
Im Super funny, you mum agrees
I want to stand out from the croud just by not moving.
I want to meet someone who is like me.
i know this wont happen.
i never want to be someone im not.
I think pokemon are ace
One day i will live in america.
Im cool because I have tats
Im stupid because I want to be famous
Im smart because I know I can make It happen
Im short because your taller then me
Im tall because your short
Im funny because I will say what I think
Im intimidating because your scaried of what u cant understand
Im confusing because I talk fast
Im cute because..im cute
Im original because im fresh

Im emo because I wear band shirts
Im scene because I own more than 4 pairs of vans
Im HardXCore because I listen to screamo and smile
Im Punk because I had a Mohawk going on
Im Chav because I say allow
Im Goth because I have black hair and a lot of peircings

im ME because Im not labbled

i hate fucking labels.

Music owns my life.


Interests:67: abingdon boys school, acceptance, accoustic, afton, aiden, aim, alex parks, all american rejects, aly & aj, americans, amy winehouse, andre 3000, anime, anthony green, aol, aqualung, asian kung-fu generation, athlete, beck, beck monglian chop squad, being cool, chinese, chobits, colours, drawing, facebook, food, friends, graphics, greatest journal, green, guitar hero, hair, hello kitty, hentai, icons, im's, italy, japan, jazz, kissing, laughing, layouts, life, lips, love, make up, making friends, manga, masterbation, mt dew, music, myspace, oni giri, porn, rock, sex, she and her cat, singing, talking, talking to afton, teal, utube, vans, wii, working, yaoi
Schools:None listed
People13:atelier, blueyeswhtdragn, coversong, desiired, enchanted_love, hussy, jimmy, lovey, mannequins, news, paradisiac, system, varsity
Communities2:donut, usernames
Mutual Friends:7: blueyeswhtdragn, desiired, hussy, lovey, mannequins, paradisiac, varsity
Member of:2: donut, usernames
Account type:Early Free User

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