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User:paradisiac (14084)
My heart beats in breakdowns.
Baka you, baka me.

It seems that when I ran away from my past, all my dignity, my faith, my pride got left back. But now I think it's time I realize self pity's meaningless. Though I'm 10 feet deep, I'll claw my way back out from in my grave. But now I realize I'd give anything I have to walk a day in my old shoes. Wondering what my first smoke would be like, my first fuck, my next fuck up. The next band that would change my life, and it changed my life, and it changed my life. Pound my knuckles hard against the floor. My head against the wall. But I did this to myself. Assume it's just not worth getting back up, So I'll blame it on bad luck and I'll shake responsibility.

My GJ. // My LJ. // Last.fm.

Interests:81: 11:11, animals, anime, asian men, badminton, basketball, comfort, country, country sides, cuddling, cultures, cuss words, design, dir en grey, disney, drawing, driving, feeling loved, food, freedom, friends, fruit drinks, fun, graphics, grotesque, grunge, guitar, happiness, hip hop, honesty, html, hugs, individuality, intelligence, italian food, japan, jpop, jrock, kisses, kpop, laughing, layouts, loveless, loyalty, manga, maturity, metal, movies, mp3 players, music, nature, night city scenes, nonconformity, okami, oshare kei, other countries, philosophy, photography, pop, pop punk, popmetal, psychology, punk, quick wits, rain, rainbows, reading, rock, singing, sleeping in, smiling, sports, texting, thunderstorms, tpop, unique, versatility, video games, visual kei, volleyball, writing
People2:britfag, kirito
Friend of:2: britfag, kirito
Account type:Early Free User

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