April, Sunday. 2008, 12:32am

And it went something like this.

: Tired.

: Tired. : Paramore→Misery Business

: Paramore→Misery Business

You know, I really think they need to fix this whole only having 6 icons at a time thing here. You can customize your layouts on a free account, which is just about better than any other journaling site that makes you pay right now, but you can only have 6 icons, wtf. At least give us like 15 T___T Or 10. Guh.

I got to go through the car wash today Cheer This may make me sound like a loser, but in my defense I absolutely loved the suds on the windows. It's like being engulfed in something O___o

It was a really nice day out today, and I was INSIDE for most of it Wtf. TITS.
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March, Monday. 2008, 1:52am


: Rejected; disappointed.

: Rejected; disappointed. : Everlast→White Trash Beautiful

: Everlast→White Trash Beautiful

So, my birthday practically sucked. I find this humorous on the account that birthdays are the one time I actually have expectations and they are usually majorly crushed. It's all good. I can be content with the mediocre.

I also got somewhat rejected in the sense that Justin had thought about us dating before where he could see us working out, but apparently couldn't imagine us dating. Now, this didn't quite register in my mind but he told Dave when I wasn't in the room so I'm not supposed to know so I can't just go up and ask him. It wouldn't matter anyway now because Justin has a girlfriend. Like always. SO. Just friends we'll be, I guess.

I think I hate getting hit on after something like that most of all. I'm totally not in the mood for men and HERE THEY COME. Too bad none of them are usually what I'm looking for -___-.

I need a new layout and I don't really know what I want or how I want it to look. I'll have to think of it some other time, however, because I need to make a layout for my friend for his Myspace first. Idk, whatever; I'm going to bed.

At least I got my digital camera.
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March, Sunday. 2008, 12:03pm

: Groggy.

: Groggy. : Ali Project→Coppelia no Hitsugi

: Ali Project→Coppelia no Hitsugi

Happy Easter to everybody that... well, sees this lol. I'm not feeling so good today, go figure, huh? I'm supposed to go to my uncles for food, and I don't really wanna go because wtf, it's boring. I'm also tired; Jojo woke me up to talk about plans we're having today to hang out for the first time in like months. I figure I could answer instead of hitting ignore and rolling back over.

The Japanese thing is starting to get slightly confusing, but it wouldn't be if the pictures would be a little more obvious, or if they had an index that could tell you WTF YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. Gah. I'll get it, I always do. Guitar is going okay, though. I think I want to get the guitar tabs for Pins And Needles, mhmm. Something new to practice would be nice.

I need to get going and do some other stuff though, so I believe I shall depart. Have a good day
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March, Thursday. 2008, 11:26pm

Early apologies.

: Cheerful.

: Cheerful. : Nothing, strangely.

: Nothing, strangely.

Alright, so, here's the deal. I'm going to do my best to update in here more frequently; I've just been busy lately. Things have been somewhat hectic around the house as we're getting new furniture (yay) and that's getting delivered tomorrow. Then I got to go out and finally pick out a futon I really liked and wanted, and then get that delivered whenever they call and tell us they have it and can do so. I've also started Japanese lessons, and practicing guitar. In between, I try to hang out with various friends for some fun. I've also been busy taking requests and making graphics and the layout account I have on Myspace. Actually, I still have to make Kurt his wallpaper :x. Whoops. I'm also waiting to see if I hear from my friends boss to hopefully get a job there. ::takes breath:: Gah.

Because of these recent activities, I have not be active on any journal site I hold an account on. I've actually gotten yelled at for it, too lol u.u

Anywhore, hello, I say. This is basically all I've got for now. I was supposed to be working out this week, but uhm... I got lazy and skipped a day or two.. three.... somethingorother >.>

And now I feel I shall go to sleep. Goodnight
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February, Tuesday. 2008, 1:28pm


: Om nom.

: Om nom. : Blink182→I Miss You

: Blink182→I Miss You

I'm really falling behind in the journal business, holy crapppp. I went on a long ride with Micki the other day, though, because she needed to think on the count of she's having boy troubles. I shall kill him later. Anywhore, we have a tendency to jump in a car and drive to nowhere just to get away, listen to music, think, and talk. We also enjoy gazing at the stars when you get more out towards the country, which is exactly what we ended up doing. On our cruise, we ended up pulling off the freeway onto an unlight road and pulling over to sit out the car windows and look upwards lol. I swear we saw like three shooting stars. Good stuff.

I, however, am doing fine myself for the most part. Tony started talking to me again and I've been trying to not be lazy and make more layouts over on Myspace since I haven't made a journal one in forever. Not much really going on otherwise. Although I am getting hungry, so I think I might retreat to the kitchen to make food O.o

And how're you guys?
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February, Monday. 2008, 1:13pm


: Sore x_o

: Sore x_o : Paramore→When It Rains

: Paramore→When It Rains

Alright so as I was walking with Dave outside last night, it's been cold here being winter and so there was a lot of frozen snow and ice on the sidewalks. He did the funniest dance trying to save himself from falling, and he succeeded... the first time Devilish. The second time I went to randomly grab a stick in front of him and he tried to avoid me and went in front of me and next thing I knew he fell on his ass lolol.

Unfortunately for me, I happened to step on a random thing of ice that was invisible and my foot totally bent the wrong way and I fell straight on my ass. I put my head down and saw a random Dave head peer over me with a very confused look on his face. He was as confused as I was as I'm the most graceful on the ice out of all of us. It's being graceful on normal terms that I can't do so well lol. Needless to say, my foot is quite sore, and rather swollen D: I'm icing it as we speak ::sigh:: Sneer

We ran into a puddle that wasn't frozen earlier that night, though.
me: Puddle!
me: ::glide-jumps over puddle like ballerina and replies in funny voice:: Grace
Dave: Okay, that was kind of dorky but cute ::laughs::
me: Yeah, I don't know.
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February, Wednesday. 2008, 2:19am


: Getting tired.

: Getting tired. : Okami music.

: Okami music.

So basically, I'm lazy and don't feel like doing a full-out update. SO, in a nutshell I hung out with Micki today. We did some errands, finalized shit with her mom for our trip to Iowa this Thursday, and then I was supposed to spend the night but then we figured school (college) for her probably wouldn't get canceled because the weather just wasn't bad enough, so she took me home. It seemed better than getting up at 5 in the morning just to take me home before she went to school.

Kristi wanted me to hang out with her and four of her guy friends, but it was like 12 already and I just got home about an hour ago from there and I was feeling lazy, almost tired, and just uninterested in general. One of her friends names was Bashkim. O.o what kind of people does she hang out with these days, I'd like to know.

I felt bad; Tony actually tried being more straightforward and asked me to hang out, but I couldn't because the weather was shitty and I was already with Micki. I think I'll invite him with us to a movie sometime soon or something. Yesssss.

I'm supposed to hang out with Dave wednesday (today) but I don't feel like it now lol. Bah. I'm going to play some Okami, and then head to bed. Goodnight.
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