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Community Information

Below is information about the "Conquered graphics" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:conquered (11641)
Name:Conquered graphics
Website:mods journal
Location:New York, United States


Welcome to conquered graphics!

This is a graphics community owned and maintained by [info]cincinnati[formerly ~nightriots]. I post everything from layouts, to icons, and the occasional banner in between. Photoshop CS2 has been my tool of choice for about the past 3 years. I've recently been just starting to really get the hang of all of this graphics making stuff, and I plan to continue it! I'm going to college for graphic design, and I plan on graduating in 2011.

I do have a life, so I can't post every single day, but while I'm living on campus at school, I do get extremely bored, so I tend to post more while I'm at school. The subject of my work tends to differ sometimes, but my main interest is Harry Potter! No, not everything that I make is HP, but a lot of it tends to be. I also love using stock photography, but I can never seem to find any good pictures. If you have a decent photograph that you would like me to make into an icon, comment on my suggestion post and I will try to do it for you. And if you want anything else you've never seen me make, and you would like to, comment there as well!

I only have a few simple rules for everyone to follow while at my journal;
  • Be respectful. I take time out of my life to make this stuff, the least you could do is say please&thanks!

  • Credit. I do like being credited for my work. a simple [info]conquered in the keywords of your icon would be sufficient, or a link in your userinfo if using a banner. Leave all credit on layouts!

  • Don't hotlink! If too many people hotlink my images, my bandwidth on photobucket will be exceeded and no one will be able to use or see my graphics!

  • Do not start drama in my community. I will not tolerate it and you will immediately be banned.

Follow the rules and we should be good!

profile codes + monument + archive + tags + suggestions

[info]addme [info]askhere [info]chemikill [info]colorrush [info]divierto [info]fontaddicts [info]oooer [info]randomquestion [info]resourced [info]thrashground
Memories17 entries
Interests:8: banners, daniel radcliffe, emma watson, harry potter, icons, layouts, rupert grint, stock photography
Maintainers:2: cincinnati, monument
Members:147: 040288, _empire, _leda, aloha, anatomy, applebum, arianatelford, ashbella, atelier, autopsyfear, averagescape, avid, batmanda, bella_virg0, belov, bigbang, bitten, bloodleaf, blunted, blunts, bond, bouncy, briezybug, brownie, caked, cec, celebrate, centralia, chalkdust, cincinnati, cityofevil, coupe, cristina_lacosa, cupcakin, dcma, defygravity, devilbear, devoured, discoglamour, discolies, dolly, driveshaft, effy, eimii, emerald_chaos, enchanted_love, encore, endearing, fenners, florence, flygirl_, forestoftrees, forthwritten, freckle, frostbitten, gang, gentle, glamorousqueen, glimpses, goose, grumpiebear, gulf, headlines, heartarcade, heartburn, heartcanttakeit, hilary, hiswifeyy, honestmistake, illuminated, im_sirius, inviting, jacoblack, jellybones, jerks, kadaj, killmedead, kiss, krankheit, krystle, laceandcream, ladyfresh, lawrencegordon, lindynicole, littlemonster, loh, lovehoodies, loveletters, lovelyhorrors, loverface, lovess, lovestories, mel, melrose, milkyway, misfitlove, miss_evans, monument, mothtoaflame, nargle, occhin, ocean, oopsies, paigemichalchuk, paintedsurgery, paintgrenades, philosophy, playdate, pocahontas, prinzessin, propaganda, punkgoesblog, raychelleeliz, risky, rumors, sateda, serotonin, sexuality, sjonas, sober, solpadeine, sounds, sweety, takemeaway, teamspears, teeth, the_red_shoes, theatres, theinamorata, thekooks, thought, timestops, tingles, titjobs, twilights, tyciol, ulliels, vag, val0, velociraptor, veritas, viored, wanderlust, wasabi, yellowsubmarine, zoli
Account type:Early Adopter

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