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Community Information

Below is information about the "askhere" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:askhere (11830)
Website:mods journal
About:All posts will be friends only. So you must join to see any posts.


01 - This is only graphic, Scribbld/LJ, computer related stuff. The posts are un-moderated but we do delete posts that are breaking the rules.
02 - Check the FAQ before asking a question about scribbld's actual site.
03 - When you post an example, please credit the maker.
04 - Do not ask to trade usernames.
05 - Do not ask which name you should move to. Ask your friends; not people here. Try [info]randomquestion for that.
06 - Type like you're educated.
07 - Questions containing illegal software downloads are not allowed. Do not ask for music/movies/tv shows/etc here either.
08 - Don't change your font / background on your entries. Please. It's annoying.
09 - This is NOT a requesting community. Don't ask people to make graphics/layouts for you.
10 - Do not "fullsize" pictures here.
11 - DO NOT ask for codes to someone's layout. DO NOT give out codes to someone's layout. That is considered stealing and your post will be deleted. You may ask how you achieve something like that, or a place you'd be able to find a similar layout.
12 - If you ask something and you find out how to do it before anyone answers, please just delete the post.

Not following any of these rules will lead to the deletion of your post!

Any questions? Comment on the moderators friends only entry! [info]monument

This community is based on the askhere community on greatestjournal, and the userinfo here was taken from that community on GJ.


[info]addme [info]conquered [info]divierto [info]fontaddicts [info]randomquestion [info]resourced
Interests:24: animation shop, answering questions, answers, asking questions, being helpful, brushes, creativity, graphics, greatestjournal, helping people, html, imageready, livejournal, paintshoppro, photoshop, photoshop brushes, photoshop cs, photoshop cs2, photoshop cs3, psp7, psp8, psp9, scribbld, tutorials
Maintainers:1: monument
Members:54: _bden_, amour, autopsyfear, ballerina, bless, bohemian, celebrate, cherish, cincinnati, corymatthews, coupe, delicately, ditte, emblake, fairyprincess, feminine, forgive, forgivedreamers, funk, grumpiebear, hilary, karma, kazuya, keepmeonmytoes, kissiefaces, kissing, laceandcream, ladyfresh, littlemonster, lullaby, monument, moon_river, notjustapuppet, nova_gurl, ohcupcake, oopsies, peekieboo, perpetual, rescue, romancee, sabbath, sanctified, seductive, sexpert, starstrukk, tyciol, velociraptor, viored, wished, wishes, zoli, zombiequeen, zombieqween
Account type:Early Adopter

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