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User:monument (11591)
About Likes Find me
I'm Page, 18 years old, New York. Taken. I'm boring. I'm anti-social. I don't drink, and I don't smoke [anything]. I'm sarcastic and sometimes rude. I'm alway's laughing or trying to make other people laugh. Add me if you want, I like new friends! My boyfriend. Music, any type really. I used to be big on rock and alternative, but ever since I started dating my boyfriend, I listen to rap and hip hop and everything in between. I have a slight obsession with anything Harry Potter, but don't hold that against me. I also like movie's like Romeo and Juliet (1995 version) and Tristan & Isolde! I own/post at:
[info]conquered [info]nerds
I own:

[info]askhere [info]resourced [info]fontaddicts [info]randomquestion
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Memories1 entry
People19:amok, antiqueshop, beat, braids, bwuk, canary, celebrate, chemikill, kazuya, lawrencegordon, loved, monkers, news, nude, oooer, scilence, timestops, viored, wan
Communities49:100x100, 10variations, askhere, backgrounds, bitchbook, chill, colorrush, conquered, crowded, dear_you, deephighlights, discord, donut, doodle, easy, fashionesque, flowerchoir, fontaddicts, glitters, harmonize, honorcup, icons, inkpen, lims, lookingoodbb, lovestruck, machete, madeofwin, makerswanted, myspacers, nerdmakers, nerds, promote, randomquestion, recap, regal, resourced, scribbld_bugs, scribbld_top5, scribbldink, scribbldsuggest, sextalk, sonant, tattoos, thrashground, tradingpost, ugly_icons, wistful, wrotedown
Mutual Friends:12: amok, antiqueshop, bwuk, canary, celebrate, chemikill, kazuya, lawrencegordon, monkers, nude, timestops, viored
Account type:Early Adopter

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