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Community Information

Below is information about the "ωιsтfuℓ gяαρнιcs" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:wistful (18717)
ωιsтfuℓ gяαρнιcs
Theme:Graphics: from icons to layouts & everything in between
Location:United States

ωιsтfuℓ gяαρнιcs

Welcome to Wistful Graphics Community. Please read the rules before you join, and be sure to follow the rules every time you visit!

1. Comment. Be sure to comment when you're taking graphics. I like the feedback, & this helps me know what kind of graphics y'all do like, and which ones I should maybe change up a bit.
2.Credit. Always. It is a must. I work hard on these graphics, and all I want is return is credit for making these for y'all and sharing them. It's simple to do. In your keywords, just credit me like this: [info]keepmeonmytoes@[info]wistful. Simple, right? ^.^
3.Hotlinking. Never ever do it. It uses up my personal bandwidth and you will ruin this community for everyone if my bandwidth is exceeded. Don't know what it is? Read this.
4.Redistributing. Once again, never do it. If someone wants to know where you got something from, direct them here. It helps the community out because we'll get more members by referrals. The more members, the more fun the community can be. Redistributing can lead to lose of crediting, and I don't want that. This is considered stealing, and if I catch you doing it you will be banned.
5.Repsect. Always respect the maintainer of this community, along with its members. No exceptions.

Interests:7: 100x100, banners, graphics, icons, layouts, stock, text
Maintainers:1: keepmeonmytoes
Members:13: aprilx0x, caked, cpt_fail_a_lot, cupcakin, cutiefreak, drugs, fineas, gentle, keepmeonmytoes, lovestories, monument, pinkie, sexmergency
Watched by:10: aprilx0x, caked, cpt_fail_a_lot, cupcakin, cutiefreak, gentle, keepmeonmytoes, lovestories, monument, pinkie
Account type:Early Free User

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