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User:lovestories (14341)
Location:West Virginia, United States

Interests:74: alice cullen, american idol, amish based books, anita blake, anne of green gables, babies, bella swan, blinkies, books, books-turned-movies, carebears, chatting, chihuahua, chihuahuas, children, comedies, country music, craftmaking, dave chapelle, eclipse, edward cullen, evanescence, faeries, fairies, family guy, frogs, futurama, ghost hunters, graphics, hgtv, hip hop music, holly black, horror movies, house m.d., infertility, ironside, laurell k. hamilton, melissa marr, miami ink, movies, mtv, my chemical romance, new moon, nicholas sparks, novels, pink, pop music, pregnancy, puppies, rascal flatts, reading, romance movies, ryan gosling, scrapbooking, sex & the city, shopping, south park, stephenie meyer, summer, the notebook, the sims 2, the veronicas, tithe, tlc, trying to conceive, ttc, twilight, valiant, vampires, vc andrews, vh1, werewolves, world of warcraft, wow.
Schools:None listed
Communities6:conquered, crowded, inkpen, sims, thrashground, wistful
Friend of:1: pinklipstain10
Member of:6: conquered, crowded, inkpen, sims, thrashground, wistful
Account type:Early Free User

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