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Community Information

Below is information about the "graphics." community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:chill (14801)


1 Credit. [info]chill.
2 Comment, so I know what you like.
3 Don't be a bitch & start drama. This isn't high school, it's just a graphics community.
4 Enjoy [=


*if your gonna take any of these examples please credit me.
**some of the these icons we made from my GJ commmunity ~hardcore.
Interests:9: artists, celebrities, chill, graphics, icons, layouts, music, musicians, pop
Maintainers:1: satisfaction
Members:62: aloha, baser, bitten, bless, blunted, cali, cec, chalkdust, chandelier, cincinnati, compassion, curiosity, desiired, desire, devours, dreamsgounheard, drug, enchanted_love, fiasco, flygirl_, gaffe, gentle, hametsu, highfashion, hollyhood, hookah, hotspur, hugs, jealous, keepmeonmytoes, kristenvaleria, ksloan, lawrencearms, loh, lovehoodies, lyserg, mira, monument, party, philosophy, prinzessin, proverbs, punkgoesblog, risky, romances, rubbish, rumors, satisfaction, serotonin, strip, stxr, surfers, sushiflower, thekooks, tilt, tssa, vag, viored, vodkahh, whiskey, why, yellowsubmarine
Account type:Early Free User

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