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User:rumors (10386)
Can't stop the [Rumors]
Location:United States
AOL IM:AIM status couturistic (Add Buddy, Send Message)

My name is Jenna, I'm 17 (eighteen in may!) and I am a Senior, just waiting for Highschool to end! I love to sing, I love movies and obsessing over actors ;) and I am most passionate about animals. They mean the world to me. &that is why I will be studying them for my major at Ohio State University. I can't wait! Other than all that, I like to go hang out with friends, or sometimes I just enjoy staying at home vegging on the couch ;) and I also love to model, and shop ;x If you want to know anything else about me, ask me.

I created [info]iconic which includes almost 3,000 celebrity related Icons. There's also [info]sq which I made for the 'scenequeen'ers to enjoy ;) There, I have over 200 icons. I had a few more thousand over at GJ but I didn't feel like transferring them all :) And if you're into the whole 'rating community' deal, there's [info]harsh! Go check them all out. :)
Memories2 entries
People38:avid, boatwatcher, cecille, dessen, doe, drug, entropy, flirty, freckle, freebird, frontpunch, highfidelity, hummel19, incense, inspired, jaxie, kelmo, laughs, lawyer, littlebird, loverface, lovers, mandalee51, mixd, party, pocahontas, popbottles, pygmypuffle, ricia, risky, roadie, sexytime, silhouettes, solar, teeth, thatsillogical_, tinkerbell_, xxsmallzxx
Communities13:aimsn, bitchbook, chill, comments, conquered, donut, flamecup, iconic, icons, sims, sq, thrashground, tradingpost
Account type:Early Adopter

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