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User:inspired (13852)

je m'appelle tori,
and as long as my heart is beating, lungs are breathing, brain is thinking, mouth is speaking, & eyes are seeing, i am happy. i'm one of those people who likes to just sit back and enjoy life as it rushes through them. i don't delight in drama or crave attention. i'm one of those who can be given a cup of coffee and a deep conversation, and be perfectly content.

all-nighters, andy warhol, burt's bees lip balm, coffee underground, completeness, downtown, foreign language, friends, good books, good movies, good music, green things, laughter, learning, love, new beginnings, nylon magazine, peace, sleeping while it's raining, sushi, things that smell good, white tea.

bad manners, bugs, cheaters, chewing with your mouth open, conceitedness, interuptions, liars, people who are generic.

People19:amaz_za_zing, athena, besani, cosmic, djohns, forgivedreamers, glimpses, jimmy, kiss, loved, news, papertigers, philosophy, reggae, rumors, sweetoz, system, trashy, water
Friend of:14: amaz_za_zing, athena, besani, cosmic, forgivedreamers, glimpses, kiss, papertigers, philosophy, reggae, rumors, sweetoz, trashy, water
Member of:1: wrotedown
Account type:Early Free User

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