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User:amaz_za_zing (11746)
no price is too high
to pay for the privilege of owning yourself
Name:Anderson Cooper's Boo
Location:United States


Hi! I'm LaGina, 21, and I live in Los Angeles. To read more about me check out my bio post, which, in addition to a pic and short bio about me, has the same for the key people in my life I tend to write a lot about, as well as 100 random factoids about me.

I have a couple of on-going challenges. First, there's my 50 books in 2008 challenge (which I am ridiculously far behind on - I need to stop watching so many damn movies and pick up a book!).

Then my 100 movies in 2008 challenge (which I completed two months ago, but I'm still keeping track - I just passed 200!).

And my 2008 Oscar challenge, which dictated that I watch all the films nominated in selected categories before the awards ceremony in February and although I failed miserably, I'm keeping it up until I've seen every last film on the list ... even if it takes me 'til 2010 Oscars!

Last, there's my newest movie list, which isn't really a challenge because there's no timeline, but the point is to see all of Bravo's 100 funniest films.

Check out my icon journal, senseless_icons! Add it to your fl, make requests, take whatever you want and enjoy!

Interests:102: africa, al gore, alias, alice cooper, anderson cooper, animal rights, animals, arrested development, barack obama, big brother, bill clinton, bob woodward, bono, books, bruce springsteen, californication, chicago, chicken fettucine alfredo, chris isaak, cnn, conan o'brien, csi, cupcakes, current events, daniele donato, detroit pistons, dexter, dirty sexy money, dr. will, driving, ed begley jr., esquire, film history, friday night lights, geography, george clooney, graham colton, grammar, greek mythology, history, hitchcock, holly madison, hollywood, israeli culture, jack daniels, jeff goldblum, jeff gordon, jennifer aniston, jennifer garner, joan didion, john krasinski, jon stewart, journalism, kelly clarkson, lauren conrad, lc, leonardo dicaprio, maps, mary-kate and ashley olsen, meteorology, mixing drinks, mixology, movies, music, nascar, natalie portman, news, oscar mayer the dog, paul rudd, photography, pistons, politics, pop culture, punch-drunk love, pushing daisies, reality tv, reno 911!, rob marciano, salvador dali, sarah silverman, save darfur, scorsese, smoke house, snoop dogg the cat, star wars, stephen colbert, talking heads, taxi driver, the english language, the environment, the food network, the hills, the office, the rain, tlc network, tom petty, traveling, tv, vintage cars, violent femmes, will kirby, writing
Schools:None listed
People17:6385, driveshaft, duck, how, incandescente, inspired, jimmy, kiss, news, pinkfm, sober, sparks, spine, system, teeth, whiskey, zellywellywoowo
Communities7:50bookchallenge, baked, books, discussit, honorcup, literature, machete
Friend of:16: 6385, driveshaft, fuel, how, incandescente, inspired, kiss, pinkfm, senseless_icons, sober, sparks, spine, startrek, teeth, worldateallie, zellywellywoowo
Member of:7: 50bookchallenge, baked, books, discussit, honorcup, literature, machete
Account type:Early Adopter

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