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Community Information

Below is information about the "m a c h e t e i c o n s" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:machete (14646)
Name:m a c h e t e i c o n s
Website:wasabi @ scribbld
-->a b o u t -->r u l e s -->a f f i l i a t e s

Welcome to [info]machete! Right now this is mainly an icon community. If you're interested in being a maker for anything (icons, layouts, graphics), please comment HERE. Right now we're mainly looking for someone who specializes in layouts, tutorials, requestables, stock icons and photoshop or psp. The makers for this community are very friendly. Don't be afraid to ask us questions! We try our best to make things that you guys want to see!

The list of makers are:
- [info]wasabi (Cassie)
- [info]sexuality (Sarah)
- [info]amaz_za_zing (LaGina)
- [info]velociraptor (Sica)
- [info]dontconfess (Shaz)
- [info]how (Autumn)

For Members:
+ Comment with what you're taking.
+ Credit by keywording the icon with either the maker's name, or "maker" @ [info]machete.
+ Be respectful. There is no use for drama in a graphics community. Be polite.

For Makers:
+ Don't go months without updating. If you're going on hiatus, let me know. If you're not on hiatus, you must post at least once a month.
+ If posting more than three icons in a post, please use the icon table generator. Place the rest of your icons under a cut, a few teasers above it.
+ Tag your entries so that the subjects are easy to find. Make the tags simple. Also, please make sure you tag with your username. The proper way of doing this is "!username".
+ Make sure every post is friends only!

If you'd like to be affiliates, please comment on our locked post.


Memories9 entries
Maintainers:5: amaz_za_zing, how, sexuality, velociraptor, wasabi
Members:51: _empire, amaz_za_zing, bigbang, bitten, bloodleaf, bootyshorts, briezybug, chemikill, cincinnati, comatose, deathsentence, decapitation, freckle, freebird, funk, glamorousqueen, gulf, heartarcade, heartbeat, heartburn, heartcanttakeit, hilary, how, jealous, kiss, kristenvaleria, kurtcobain, ladyfresh, lawrencegordon, lovehoodies, luvahs, mintchocchip, monument, prinzessin, private_battles, rumors, sexuality, snapple, somebunni, sounds, stfuplz, stxr, sundays, tainted, velociraptor, viored, wasabi, whiskey, yellowsubmarine, zellywellywoowo, zoli
Watched by:39: _empire, amaz_za_zing, bloodleaf, bootyshorts, briezybug, chemikill, cincinnati, comatose, decapitation, driveshaft, freckle, funk, glamorousqueen, gulf, heartbeat, heartcanttakeit, hilary, how, jealous, kiss, kristenvaleria, kurtcobain, ladyfresh, lovehoodies, mintchocchip, monument, prinzessin, private_battles, sexuality, snapple, somebunni, sounds, stxr, tainted, velociraptor, viored, yellowsubmarine, zellywellywoowo, zoli
Account type:Early Free User

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