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User:zellywellywoowo (12825)
Name:§ha§ha ƒuиky §hake™
Website:Zells Domain

Name Means:
Nikki; victory of the people
DeVita; from life to death
Nationality: German, Italian and Eukranian
Blood type: O
Age: 23
Birthday: April 20th, 1984
Height: 5'4
Weight: 115lbs
Hair: Atomic Pink.
Eyes: Blue-grey


Boyfriend: S.I.N.G.L.E and HATING IT.
Crush(s): I crush hard on Jared Leto (But achievable goal: MATT, like you wouldn't believe)
Friends: The Dirty Dozen
Enemies: People who judge on appearance, wise mouth assholes like myself....we just can't be friends.
Mom- {Departed} Carol
Dad- {67} Michael
Sister- { 46} Valerie
Brother- { 44} Mike
Brother- { 42} Keith
Brother- { 40} Drew
Brother- { 39} Dean
Brother- { 37} Daryl
Sister- { 22} Tabby

Pet(s): Pekingese Puppy: Mini


First impression: Ok I love you BYE
Quirks/Habits: I tend to zone out and lose interest in things fairly quickly however I can be the extreme opposite and be sickly involved with something. I sleep a lot, I always take naps, I go to Bound a lot, Im into the industrial scene. I sing and dance and shoot pool although I suck at all 3. I want to become a photographer some day as well as an English teacher and graphic designer. I am very fucking artistic it kills me. Im probably one the the most sarcastic assholes you will ever meet so prepare yourself. With all of this being said overall believe it or not, ask anyone who knows me, I am an extremely nice and easy going person so holla @ allah.
Likes: Graphic Design, nerdy people (the kind that look, live, and breath nerd), Playing random games especially trivia. I LOVE the Jersey shore, clubbin, and being loved.
Dislikes: Bitches, rat infested loose pussy cunts, people who think they are better than you ESPECIALLY when it's based on looks alone (cuz that generally means thay don't have the intelligence to back up anything else dare their face fall off), Nosey people, selfish and secretive assholes and most of all I HATE FUCK OFFS, so FUCK OFF.
Usually found: @ Hardtimes in Springfield or BOUND.


Animal: Mini Muffin and Unicorns
Book: NaNa
Color: Pink
Drink: Thai Iced tea
Food: Thai
Music: Industrial
Scent: on a woman: Love Spell
on a man: Curve
Thing to do: Predict how LOST will turn out.


Animal: Do Snakes Count?
Book: Anything horrendously long and uninteresting
Color: Orange
Drink: V8
Food: Sour Krout
Music: Country
Scent: Ciggarettes on people's skin/breath.
Thing to do: Work


Brief Past: Adopted.
Raised at the Jersey Shore
Grew up in MD
Became a Virginia Girl
Living life to hopefully one day take over the world.
Drugs: We all had/ve our reasons to be there.
Experience with a Gun: Got Jimmy Shot back in the late 90's
Became a member of the NRA in 2004
Never touched a Gun again.
Attitude in Elementary school: Funny, everyone loved my little ass
Attitude in Jr. High: I tried to pass and just barely did. I made friends easy and more importantly made people laugh.
Attitude in Highschool: Hated highschool and it showed. Skipped a lot, barely passed, stayed quiet for the most part, kept a few friends close, got my shit together and stopped dicking around to graduate and did just that. Didn't care about making friends or people in general.
Now: I care about everyone now. I want to help people, I like to educate people, and more importantly, I learned how to not be biased, accept critisism, be more open-minded, and I don't judge a book by it's cover. Everyone gets a chance in my book and maybe I can open their eyes to something new.

AIM: shashafunkyshake
MSN: dirushiteru@hotmail.com
YAHOO: yuri_magess@yahoo.com
MEEBO: zellywelly
E-MAIL: dirushiteru@hotmail.com

~~~~~~~~~~~~Alice nine IS LOVE~~~~~~~~~~~

~::----Noodle is CRAZY and InsAnElY cute azn LOVE ----::~

made by fenixsuzaku
Kirito is sinful love.

I ♥ Daishi


R.I.P Hide I still love you.

I have the hots for villains

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Unsent letters. Letters you never had a chance to send
or wish to send but won't. Write out your feelings,
confessions, praises, happiness, and sorrows.

Secrets you have kept for too long.
The good, the bad, the ugly.

Memories11 entries
Interests:54: 30 seconds to mars, 80's, autobots, bass guitar, bdsm, bill and ted, billiards, brock sampson., captain morgan, computer graphics, conan o' brien, cruxshadows, dir en grey, dope, dope starsc inc, drinking, eisbrecher, fashion, final fantasy, food, goth rock, gothic lolita, graphics, graphics novels, industrial, industrial music, jersey shore, jrock, kpop, layouts, lotr, manga, music, nana, nj, photography, piercings, pierrot, playing bass, project365, rammstein, razed in black, role playing, rpg's, rum, sarcasm, seaside heights, sex, sexy time, skate boarding, tattoos, transformers, venture brothers, web design
Schools:None listed
People39:amaz_za_zing, azure_skies, bebe, boatwatcher, dai, dandi, goldensnitch, half_pain, ilucifel, kadaj, kiokushitaka, kirito, klaha_sama, kratos, kuroitenshi, lawton_anime, mandywheeler, mistressc, mr_gackt, novacainejunkie, pinklipstain10, poisonheart, purple, reira, requiemofchaos, rujiko, sehnsucht, sex_pancake, sleepingforest, sonicbutterfly, tea_party, the_towheads, val0, watashiwaklaha, weirdalyankovic, with_quiet_love, yellowsubmarine, zellywellywoowo, zombeh
Communities5:dear_you, machete, post_secret, project365, sims
Mutual Friends:29: amaz_za_zing, boatwatcher, dai, dandi, goldensnitch, half_pain, kadaj, kirito, kratos, kuroitenshi, lawton_anime, mandywheeler, mistressc, novacainejunkie, pinklipstain10, reira, requiemofchaos, rujiko, sehnsucht, sex_pancake, sleepingforest, sonicbutterfly, tea_party, the_towheads, val0, watashiwaklaha, weirdalyankovic, yellowsubmarine, zellywellywoowo
Member of:13: 000000000000000, community_promo, dear_you, lmaoaim, machete, madeofwin, post_secret, project365, promo, promote, promotions, sims, sketchpad
Account type:Early Adopter

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