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User:requiemofchaos (9151)
Location:Oregon, United States
AOL IM:AIM status Cerberus Relief (Add Buddy, Send Message)
MSN Username:
I don't know when I just died. I'm sure the event was uneventful, but I like to imagine I took a shitload of people down with me. Down or up... Whichever, if ever. Not that it matters though, since being dead hasn't had any real effect on my life. Keeping the habits I kept, and keep still, I hardly had any contact with the living anyhow. Even when technically I was one of them.

The only noise I hear is my own draw all day and take a break long after it's gotten dark out, or rather darker as I've never seen the sun in this place. Just stars, crazy stars with no order that change each night. I love it. Now and then a star falls, and I know no one else is seeing it, just me. Lonely, sure, but this isn't a place for people who see that as a terrible thing. It's strange that I don't talk to myself more, but I spoke too much anyhow. Never leaving room for the pictures.

I drive a lot still, I think better when I am moving. I see houses all lined up, some have lights that go on and off as I pass by. Stopped investigating those a long time ago. Always the same of course, nobody home. I never enter, from the outside looking in That's the charm.. to wonder. To peer through the dirty glasses of others lives, but never enter.

Sometimes if I'm very still I can hear voices, sounds. Like I never really left the world and simple grew dim within it. Distant voices from places I could never reach. And it was never any different, I always did this. Always moved through the world quietly while the world slept. Knowing that I could never touch them to wake them. I imagine some people feel they lose so much when they die.

Me? I've lost nothing and gained a world with no ill fit, and it's mine it always has been.

Because I was a ghost to begin with.

[info]iam The Vincent Valentine of Scribbld.
[info]iam Also the Terry Bogard of Scribbld.
Interests:59: art, batman, batman beyond, beetlejuice, cerberus, comics, dark knight, death penalty, dirge of cerberus, dragon knight, dragoon, fantasy, ff samurai, ff-evolution, final fantasy, final fantasy iv, final fantasy series, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy xi, ghost hunters, ghost rider, ghosts, gunblade, hauntings, heavy metal, jedi, job system, kain highwind, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, lancer, lenne, marvel, megadeth, metallica, nobuo uematsu, oroku saki, paladin, paranormal, red mage, samurai, scrubs, seed, setzer gabbiani, sin city, songstress, spider-man, squall leonhart, star wars, taps, the black mages, the cure, the shredder, tmnt, turks, vincent valentine, yu-gi-oh
People7:eevee, jimmy, news, peachgirl, raichu, sehnsucht, zellywellywoowo
Friend of:3: eevee, sehnsucht, zellywellywoowo
Member of:1: iam
Account type:Early Adopter

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