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Community Information

Below is information about the "PostSecret" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:post_secret (15967)
There aren't a lot of rules; please read them before you post!

(1) Submit a question which users will ANONYMOUSLY reply to. Said question can be submitted any day of the week. When you think of something, just send it in!
(2) I don't expect everyone to be sugar-sweet to each other because everyone's opinions differ, but don't cross the line. No bashing, excessive insulting, or harassing.
(3) POST SECRETS ANONYMOUSLY. IF YOU FAIL TO DO SO, YOU WILL BE BANNED! Unless it's an accident, of course.
(4) Only SECRETS need to be posted anonymously. Don't try to submit a question/post anonymously, guys. However, if you don't want people to know you are the author of a specific post, tell me & I will post it under my username for you.
(5) Every WEDNESDAY, I will make an Anything post. This should be self-explanatory, but if it's not, say whatever you would like in these posts! Comment multiple times (just not with the same thing!). It doesn't matter how bad, how gross, how private it is.. it'll be anonymous, so do it!
(6) Regular posts will be submitted as I approve them, which could be daily, weekly, whenever. I will definitely try to approve them the same day they're submitted but I can't promise they will be every time. The only posts that will be submitted the same time each week are the Anything posts.
(7) Just have fun. This place isn't specifically for bad/sad things. Feel free to submit happy topics and happy comments. Whatever's on your mind!

We now do PostSecret graphics! Feel free to submit as many as you wish. They don't necessarily have to be "secrets"; they can be something as small as a random thought. Have fun!

(1) Graphics should be no larger than 600x600.
(2) Upload your graphics at TinyPic, Imageshack, or Photobucket.
(3) Submit graphics ANONYMOUSLY (!) in the submissions posts. Please do not post them in the anything post or other "regular" posts made by members. Comments will be screened in the submission posts.
(4) For now, I see no reason to put major limitations on what you can/cannot make graphics about because these are YOUR secrets and thoughts. Just don't make unkind references to users or their personal details.
(5) ONLY when graphics are posted, you may comment under your username! Comment anonymously if you please, but it's not necessary.
(6) Graphics will be posted BI-WEEKLY on Wednesdays following the Anything post. Submission posts will also be made following the Anything post.

Other communities you may want to join: [info]literature [info]promotions

Our promo banners (please promote!): here!
Memories1 entry
Interests:32: accomplishments, addictions, anonymous, bad days, college, deception, drugs, families, friends, friends with benefits, future, good days, guilt, happiness, high school, joy, lying, marriage, pain, past, people, present, pride, problems, regrets, relationships, sadness, secrets, sex, shame, vices, you
Maintainers:2: speak, spine
Moderators:1: spine
Members:90: _____, _empire, ada, alienfetus, artistodionysus, ashwee, athena, atma, audacity, beecake, bestfriend, boatwatcher, bonjour, bosox, bouncy, cannabliss, chandelier, cky, classicdramatic, comfortablynumb, crimsonlegend, dandi, decapitation, devours, disneyworld, driveshaft, drugs, eevee, forestoftrees, franziska, fucker, headlines, hilary, hitler, illusions, incandescente, incense, kaycelei, killmedead, laci, langers, lawrencearms, meiosis, melrose, mistressc, mixtapes, necklaces, nejjeh, octopus, paintgrenades, paperbackwriter, paperdoll386, piercethenight, pinklipstain10, pixie_dust, pocahontas, pocketsoul, poisonheart, pualani, pygmypuffle, quietus, radioface, reira, replica_of_me, rubbish, sandglass, sayonara, scarol, sex_pancake, sexytime, shion, smoothie, songbird, sonyaann, speak, spine, spunoutonyou, squishy, starr, strip, succubus, teased, teeth, twilightcircus, twilights, val0, yellowsubmarine, zellywellywoowo, zombeh
Account type:Early Free User

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