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User:classicdramatic (11910)
Motion Picture Connoisseur Since 1985
Location:California, United States
AOL IM:AIM status classicdramatic (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status sushieatingguru (Add User, Send Message)
Interests:150: 2046, 80s music, acting, alan rickman, alanis morrisette, alfred hitchcock, all about eve, ang lee, anne of green gables, beauty and the beast, bette davis, bette midler, blondie, books, broadway, broken social scene, casablanca, chinese food, cinema studies, classic film, closer, clothes, coldplay, crouching tiger hidden dragon, cuddling, cut copy, dancing, deborah kerr, dirty dancing, disney, dogma, dry fucking, ducktales, eating, edward scissor hands, ellen page, elvis presley, emma thompson, feist, fruits basket, gael garcia bernal, garbage, gene kelly, gene tierney, geraldine page, ghost world, golden girls, gone with the wind, gong li, green tea ice cream, hard candy, harry potter, hats, hayao miyazaki, helena bonham carter, holding hands, hugging, icons, ingrid bergman, interpol, interview with the vampire, into the woods, inu-yasha, jamba juice, james dean, japan, japanese food, jude law, judy garland, juilliard, julie andrews, kate winslet, kill bill, kissing, kristin chenoweth, la strada, laura linney, libraries, lolita, lost in translation, manga, mango, margaret cho, masturbation, mean girls, money, music, musicals, netflix, oh my goddess!, older men, orgasms, pineapple, pixar, pizza my heart, plays, poetry, porn, pushing daisies, queen, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rainbow brite, ralph fiennes, ranma 1/2, reading, rebecca, rita hayworth, rollercoasters, scruffy men, sense and sensibility, severus snape, sex, sex and the city, she's come undone, sigur rós, singin' in the rain, sleeping, sleeping beauty, sleepy hollow, spice girls, star wars, starbucks, strawberry short cake, summer and smoke, sushi, that 70's show, the 40s, the 50s, the 80s, the hills, the little mermaid, the lovely bones, the red shoes, the thorn birds, the virgin suicides, the wizard of oz, theatre, tim burton, todai, vintage clothing, vivien leigh, wally lamb, west side story, white oleander, wicked the musical, wilco, world of warcraft, x-men, yoga
People13:bitten, classic, diaochan, gandalf, hyz, instigate, jaxie, juggy, model, slut, spine, teeth, thomyorke
Communities2:post_secret, randomquestion
Friend of:12: bitten, classic, diaochan, gandalf, hyz, instigate, jaxie, juggy, slut, spine, teeth, thomyorke
Member of:2: post_secret, randomquestion
Account type:Early Adopter

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