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User:bitten (13115)

[info]iam the Claire Bennet of Scribbld.
jenna jameson moodtheme by: 091306 @ livejournal
twilight moodtheme by: sophie_lizzie)@ livejournal

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Memories5 entries
Interests:42: animals, art, bella/edward, bella/jacob, blood ties, britney spears, dark angel, dreams, evanescence, fall out boy, fitness, frappuccino, hereos, hopping, incubus, james dean, justin timberlake, making love, mariah carey, marilyn monroe, moleskines, moonlight, music, nightlife, notebooks, one tree hill, photography, sailor moon, shakira, silverchair, sunsets, supernatural, the bad girls club, the cw, the girls next door, tupac, twilight movie, twilight series, velvet revolver, victoria's secret, vogue, wentworth miller
Schools:None listed
People18:bbycakes18, beat, bebe, beliefs, bitten, chemikill, classicdramatic, elizabethtown, hollyhood, kiss, knightleys, morning, news, pocahontas, radar, ricia, scilence, sexuality
Communities25:addme, addme25_andup, artists, books, cocktail_hour, comments, desirables, donut, easy, fashionesque, glitters, iam, iconic, randomquestion, scribbldsuggest, sephora, skinnydip, smcollector, spearssource, sq, twilighters, twilightfans, upload, usernames, wrotedown
Account type:Early Adopter

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