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User:chemikill (13947)
Name:chεmιkιℓℓ gяαphιcs

This is a graphics journal owned and maintained by [info]scilence. I post mainly icons and banners, and an occasional layout or two. My tool of the trade is Photoshop CS4. I've been making graphics for five-six years. I sometimes do requests, and I'm constantly looking for new ideas, so if you have any ideas, definitely let me know on my suggestion post.
affiliates: [info]colorrush; [info]conquered; [info]crowded; [info]oooer; [info]regal; [info]thrashground

Memories17 entries
Schools:None listed
People7:021590, chemikills, glamorousqueen, kiss, monument, scilence, wan
Communities8:10variations, busystreet, desirables, iconseeyou, machete, nerds, skinnydip, thissideup
Friend of:7: 021590, bitten, glamorousqueen, kiss, lawrencegordon, monument, scilence
Member of:7: 10variations, busystreet, desirables, iconseeyou, machete, nerds, skinnydip
Account type:Early Free User

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