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User:scilence (11529)
- [n]
1. absence of any sound or noise; stillness.
2. the state of being forgotten; oblivion

my name is ashley. i was once ~cokaine over at greatestjournal. i'm twenty years old. my life consists of work, my amazing fiancé, and my incredible friends. i'm an aspiring photographer, and plan on attending Hallmark Insitiute of Photography. i find myself to be incredibly mature for my age, and i'm also a pretty open person. if you want to know anything else, you can either read my about me post, or you can add me, i'm always looking for new friends, don't be shy! ♥

[info]iam the heath ledger of scribbld;
[info]iam also the lil' wayne of scribbld.
[info]iam the travis garland of scribbld.

Memories2 entries
Interests:7: , , ☮, , , ,
People24:bitten, bosox, chemikill, cranium, dandi, desiired, dessen, freebird, happybirthday, hitler, keyblade, mannequins, monkers, octopus, party, pocahontas, popbottles, saekuto, scilence, sexytime, titjobs, uhoh, venona, wishes
Communities5:iam, lookingoodbb, ream, tradingpost, usernames
Friend of:39: baser, bbycakes18, bitten, bosox, british, canary, caseyjones, caylenecasualty, chemikill, cranium, dandi, decapitation, desiired, dessen, enchanted_love, flirty, freebird, happybirthday, hitler, hugs, hxc_bitch, juegoconfuego, keyblade, mannequins, monkers, monument, octopus, party, pocahontas, popbottles, saekuto, scilence, sexytime, sox, titjobs, uhoh, venona, why, wishes
Member of:5: iam, lookingoodbb, ream, tradingpost, usernames
Account type:Early Adopter

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