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Community Information

Below is information about the "A health community." community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:lookingoodbb (17944)
(no userpics)
Name:A health community.
Theme:dieting, fitness, health.


Hi, & welcome to [info]lookingoodbb! This is strictly a helpful weight loss community. As of October 25th, 2008, this community is no longer just for losing weight. It's for all things health. However, this is STILL not a pro ed, pro anorexic, or pro bulemic community. This is for people trying to tone up their FLAB, NOT THEIR BONES.


This community is moderated.

1. You will not be added if you have something in your profile saying that you're "dying to be thin" or pictures of overly skinny women all over your page. No offense to anyone! If you find out youve been wrongly rejected, please contact the mod.

2. When you first join, please fill out the welcoming form! It's all about helping out & meeting one another here! :]

3. Check the tags before asking a question, please.

4. Pictures featuring before & after weights are great! But anyone caught putting before or after pictures in [info]flamecup will be kicked out of here forever. This place is for helping people. Not putting them down. That's very tacky, rude, & immature & you will be punished!

5. Have a great day & remember: you're beautiful!


Memories1 entry
Interests:150: 28 day plan, aerobics, anti-fat, beauty, biking, binge eating, bmi, body, body form, body image, burning calories, calorie counting, calories, carbohydrates, cardio, caring, change, chocolate, clothes that fit, confidence, cookies, cooking, counting calories, cravings, curves, curvy women, dancing, determination, diet, diet encouragement, diet help, diet inspiration, diet motivation, diet support, dieting, diets, eating, eating healthy, encouragement, exercise, exercising, fashion, fasting, feeling good, fit, fitness, flexibility, food, food addiction, free weights, friends, fruit, fruits, frustration, fun, getting healthy, goals, good food, gym, gyms, happiness, health, healthy, healthy cooking, healthy eating, healthy food, healthy living, healthy recipes, healthy weight loss, hiking, hope, hunger, ice cream, in shape, injury, inspiration, jogging, junk food, karate, kickboxing, laughing, lifting weights, looking good, lose weight, losing weight, low carb, low carb diet, low fat, low fat diet, low-cal, low-calorie, low-fat, maintain weight, mentor, motivated, motivation, muscle, music, new beginning, nutrition, obese, obesity, organic food, overeaters, overeating, overweight, pilates, plump, plus size, portion control, positive attitudes, positive thinking, positivity, running, scales, self esteem, self love, self-esteem, shape, slim, sports, strength, strength training, stretching, support, swimming, target weight, temptation, thinner, understanding, unhealthy, vegetarian, walking, water, weight, weight help, weight lifting, weight loss, weight loss support, weight related issues, weight training, weight watchers, weightloss, weights, well being, work out, working out, workout, workouts, yoga
Maintainers:2: 115, chucknorris
Members:31: 115, beckymarie, bosox, caffeine, cairo, chucknorris, cincinnati, cutiefreak, dessen, enchanted_love, etudes, freebird, ginabites, happybirthday, heartarcade, hotdigidydog, humanitea, illuminated, insomniac, monument, natural, oceanstar, pyr0m4n14c, renewal, roads, scilence, serotonin, sexuality, sexytime, sincere, softball
Watched by:29: 115, beckymarie, bosox, caffeine, chucknorris, cincinnati, cutiefreak, enchanted_love, freebird, ginabites, happybirthday, heartarcade, hotdigidydog, humanitea, illuminated, insomniac, monument, natural, oceanstar, pyr0m4n14c, renewal, roads, scilence, serotonin, sexuality, sexytime, sincere, softball, tinyteeth
Account type:Early Free User

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