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User:bosox (11355)
Name:i'll be right beside you dear.
Follow your heart because if you always trust your mind, you'll always act on logic and logic doesn't lead to happiness.
Interests:34: accents, bono, boston, car rides, caramel iced coffee, david ortiz, degrassi, dunkin donuts, europe, fenway park, friends, george o'malley, greys anatomy, hugs, iced tea, katherine heigl, love, music, new york city, panera, parties, piercings, prison break, rain, red bull, red sox, road trips, roller coasters, smirnoff, the 80's, the 90's, trains, u2, vodka
Schools:None listed
People24:amourfully, baser, bless, cec, desire, dessen, driveshaft, enamor, enchanted_love, endure, flirty, frenchbraid, imagine, laughs, movie, party, playdate, preppy, protect, roniah, scilence, smoothie, speak, titjobs
Communities10:ask, colorrush, desirables, discussit, lookingoodbb, post_secret, scribbldink, sextalk, tattoos, yumm
Friend of:15: baser, desire, dessen, driveshaft, enchanted_love, flirty, frenchbraid, imagine, party, playdate, roniah, scilence, smoothie, speak, titjobs
Member of:17: ask, badtattoos, bitchbook, colorrush, desirables, discussit, equations, harsh, inkbook, lookingoodbb, post_secret, scribbldink, sextalk, superlative, tattoos, truefax, yumm
Account type:Early Adopter

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