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Community Information

Below is information about the "Do you fit the equation?" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:equations (11089)
Name:Do you fit the equation?

welcome & rules
Welcome to [info]equations! We are a rating community based on looks only. You will be voted on a 1-10 rating system, and you need an average score of 6.5 to get in. We don't want your drama, but it'll happen anyway, so why not? The only question left is; do you fit into the equation?

** You must be 15 to apply! **
1. If you're accepted, stay active.
2. In your application, avoid using photoshopped or edited pictures (one or two is acceptable). We will notice!
3. Voting will be based on a 10-point scale (1-10). You must receive an average score of 6.5 to get in. If your average is 6.4 or less, you will be rejected.
4. Post your application immediately after joining.
6. You must provide AT LEAST one picture that is straight-on of your face, with no angles or major contrast. We want to see what you really look like.
7. A proof is mandatory. You MUST include one in your application! If you don't know what a proof is: take a photo of yourself holding a sign saying 'yourusername @ scribbld.net'.
8. Please use an LJ-CUT! The cut text can be whatever you like.
9. Don't bring your drama in here. It's unwanted.
10. If you don't fill the application out in its entirety, you will not be voted on until it has been corrected. You will have three days to make this correction.
11. If rejected, you may re-apply after seven days.
12. You can't participate in ANY of the community's activity until you are accepted - this includes voting in polls, voting on applications, commenting, etc.

1. Stay active!
2. You MUST duel or post a superlative steal once a month. Superlative claims do not count towards this. Please note that you are only allowed to duel a member who is within 1.5 of your own score. If you win 3 consecutive duels your score increases by .1; likewise, if you lose 3 consecutive duels, your score falls by .1.
3. You MUST earn 20 points each month in order to stay in the community. If you fail to earn your keep, you will be removed.
4. If you are going on hiatus, please leave a comment here. If you make a post about your hiatus elsewhere and neglect to comment on this post, we may not see it and you will be removed at the end of the month.
5. Don't start drama with other members for no reason. Mods will monitor this and take action if necessary (warning, suspension, ban).
6. When voting, vote based on looks and not your biased opinions of people. On that note, do not give votes solely to raise or lower someone's overall score. Your score should reflect the score you think they should receive regardless of the other votes. If the mods decide your vote is biased or unfair in any way, it will not be counted.
7. Each month we vote to determine the most attractive and least attractive member, depending on who has been nominated by new applicants. The most attractive member will be featured on the sidebar for one month; the least attractive loses .1 from their overall score.
8. When you are posting pictures, indicate how many pictures are in your post in either the subject heading or the lj-cut.

application & important links
The application should be pretty much idiot proof, so don't mess it up.


Suggestion Box
Duel Win/Loss Tally
Duel Pictures & Scores
Promotional Banners
Honors & Fansigns

sister communities
book club: [info]bookworm
food lovers: [info]foodcritic

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Account type:Early Adopter

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