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User:clubs (11891)
Name:Ms. Mander
Send clubs a text message
on his/her cellphone/pager.
Location:Inman, United States
Bio:My name is Amanda. I am 18 years of age. I live in SC with my parents. I am preg. with my first child (hoping for a girl) I get along with most people, so feel free to add me. Esp. if you are a young mother yourself. But I will add pretty much anyone.
Schools:None listed
People6:aprill, jimmy, news, realhorrorshow, system, untamed_night
Communities9:addme, bitchbook, dear_you, equations, hairmakeupstuff, madeofwin, omgfriends, piercings, promote
Friend of:2: aprill, realhorrorshow
Member of:9: addme, bitchbook, dear_you, hairmakeupstuff, inkpen, madeofwin, omgfriends, piercings, promote
Account type:Early Adopter

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