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Community Information

Below is information about the "Food Critic" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:foodcritic (36376)
Name:Food Critic

Welcome to [info]foodcritic!

Food unites people. We learn from it, we experience it, we love it. Through mourning and celebration, food provides comfort and brings us together. Millions of different flavor, texture and color combinations can be made from different ingredients. From Moroccan spices to French snails, new and exciting flavors can be found anywhere throughout the world.

[info]foodcritic is a community for food lovers. Here you can share recipes, rate grocery items, review restaurants and anything else. We will offer everything from cupcakes to Japanese food, meat lover's dishes to vegan. Our purpose will be to express our love of food through sharing and contributing; activity is necessary. You will be removed from the community if inactive for too long. Similarly, if you do not post your introduction post within a week of having your membership accepted, you will be removed.

Community membership is moderated. Join the community and when one of the mods gets the notification, you will either be approved or denied. If approved, immediately post your introductory post. The form can be found below. Fill it out completely, a photo is mandatory for our member's page. We aren't an exclusive group but we are very close knit. There will be zero tolerance for drama, rudeness, vulgarity or insults. Do not insult anyone for anything they post. We understand if you have chosen a vegetarian lifestyle for yourself, but posting about animal cruelty on an old fashioned lasagna recipe is unnecessary. The same can be said for you meat lovers - do not post on a vegetarian or vegan dish saying that it would be "so much better with ground beef". Respect each other.

Introductory Post!

Please copy and paste the following in a new thread within one week of your membership being accepted. All questions must be answered. The application is not hard and requires minimal effort. If you do not post this within a week of being accepted, you will be removed from the community. You can rejoin and try again, but after 3 times of this, you'll be banned. We don't want people who aren't going to be active and we'd love to get to know you!

Important Links!

Food Critic's Page
Suggestions / Comments Box

Interests:14: baking, cupcakes, food, fruit, groceries, healthy, kitchen, meat, recipes, restaurant, reviews, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian
Maintainers:4: foodcriticmod, roark, scholar, whiskey
Members:11: automatic, coasts, foodcriticmod, persephone, roark, scholar, serotonin, smellofautumn, smoke, whiskey, xom
Account type:Early Free User

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