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User:higinia (16321)
Name:dorothy ღ marie
Location:New York, United States
AOL IM:AIM status your somnolence (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status summerstarss (Add User, Send Message)
some kind of shift in a star。
hey! i'm dorothy. i'm twenty years old, although i don't look it and sometimes don't act like it. i'm irish, puerto rican, and german. i go to college and i find it extremely boring...i don't know why people like it so much, i guess i'm just not interested in anything. in person, i'm really shy and reserved. and i wish i wasn't and i'm trying to break out of my shell. i like to believe i'm a pretty nice person, but i've been hurt a lot in my life and i've let things slide, so when something is bothering me i will no longer hesitate to speak my mind. this journal is for me and me only; when i'm down in the gutter, i will write it here. when something amazing happens to me, i will write it here. when something is really irritating me, i will write it here. when i go to a concert or spend a day with friends, i will write about it and may even post pictures and/or videos. i was always bad with updating and commenting, but i now feel the need to keep a journal for personal reasons. so if you'd still like to add me then just ask. :)

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Interests:60: a day to remember, a skylit drive, alcohol, alesana, animals, arizona green tea, asking alexandria, attack attack!, autumn, blessthefall, brand new, breathe carolina, bring me the horizon, chiodos, concerts, confide, converse, cuddling, dance gavin dance, drop dead gorgeous, emarosa, escape the fate, family guy, food, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, harry potter, hoodies, hugs, inside jokes, jeans, johnny depp, lady gaga, laughing, lily allen, love, make-up, music, my dog, my friends, naps, owl city, paramore, photo editing, pictures, reading, saosin, shopping, silverstein, summer nights, taking back sunday, texting, that 70's show, the academy is..., the devil wears prada, the used, this romantic tragedy, transformers, underoath, walking around the city
Schools:Christopher Columbus High School - Bronx, NY (2003 - 2007)
People27:atelier, athens, battlefield, cranium, dandi, detroitrockcity, dumbledore, freebird, heartbeats, higinia, how, keyblade, lawyer, lento, littlebird, monkers, pualani, pygmypuffle, ricia, roark, saekuto, shinimegami, sundays, sunkyung, tankgirl, tentacleattack, thesecondperson
Communities24:above, aimsn, bitchbook, bluesky, busystreet, community_promo, desirables, equations, extraordinary, flamecup, honorcup, inkpen, madeofwin, necroholic, promote, promotions, scribbld_top5, scribbldfinds, shocker, thrashground, tremor, truefax, uploads, wellbeing
Account type:Early Free User

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