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Community Information

Below is information about the "Scribbld Finds." community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:scribbldfinds (25011)
Name:Scribbld Finds.
Theme:Scribbld Finds - helping you find anything on Scribbld since 2008.

Welcome to ScribbldFinds! The whole point of this community is to post where you can find things around Scribbld. Everything posted has to be updated; old links will be removed. Once every two weeks, there will be an update containing all of the newest additions to Scribbld & the list.

~ All unactive links will be taken down for easier finds of the users.
~ Once every two weeks, there will be an update with all of the new finds that have been added including previews of some of them. If you would like your spot guaranteed, your or a member needs to add it to the submission post!
~ Do not be rude to the mods or members! That is just common sense.
~ If you see a broken link or anything missing, please help out the community by telling me. I'm only human; I make mistakes!


Graphics/profile layout by [info]freebird. Main layout by mintypeach at LJ, edited by [info]freebird.
Interests:59: 100 x 100, 100x100, animated icons, animation, anime, anime icons, art, banners, bases, brushes, celebrities, celebrity icons, codes, comedy, custom made icons, custom-made, customizing, downloads, fonts, friends only banners, games, gossip, gradients, graphic design, graphics, headers, html, icon, icon communities, icon makers, icon tutorials, iconing, icons, layouts, manga, models, movies, music, pictures, politics, promotions, rate, rating, rating layouts, requests, s1, s1 layouts, s2, s2 layouts, scans, scribbld, sharing, styles, themes, tutorials, userinfo codes, video games, wallpapers, web design
Maintainers:1: scribbldfinders
Members:65: absintest, amapeli, amynta, aprilx0x, armytoy, asphyxiated, awfullyrealgun, bad_username, bananalily, belial, chucknorris, cincinnati, considerthis, cylon, dcma, devoured, devours, doctorzhivago, dust, fantine, flatlined, freebird, freshwater, hallie, higinia, japanimation, killmedead, kiokushitaka, lastones, lily_cdj, lyserg, mahou, meowmix, mumblingmayhem, musicable, ohgingerbee, onmyheart, oracular, paigey, percipere, pinkie, planecrashdream, planetarygo, prinzessin, privo, pugly, pursuingdesign, rhodanum, romanov, rubbish, scored, scribbldfinders, sia, skorupi, somethingrandom, starrlite, stxr, sundays, tallieho, tartarus, thrudvangs, wezo, youlostme
Watched by:43: amapeli, aprilx0x, armytoy, asphyxiated, bananalily, chucknorris, cincinnati, considerthis, dcma, devoured, devours, dust, fantine, freebird, freshwater, higinia, kiokushitaka, lyserg, meowmix, mumblingmayhem, musicable, ohgingerbee, paigey, percipere, pinkie, planetarygo, prinzessin, privo, pugly, pursuingdesign, rhodanum, romanov, rubbish, scored, scribbldfinders, sia, somethingrandom, starrlite, stxr, sundays, tallieho, thrudvangs, youlostme
Account type:Early Free User

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