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User:oracular (63929)
In This Skin.
The leaking of the breath in the sun.
AOL IM:AIM status seioshin (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Eh, I'm pretty baller.
Interests:54: amaretto &sour, animals, art, autumn, bad jokes, beach, being goofy, bonfires, computers, country, cruising, digital art, dir en grey, driving, dusk, flying, freedom, friends, good conversation, grpahics, habits, hip hop, hoodies, horseback riding, html, humor, japan, kissing, laughing, layouts, macabre, maximum the hormone, miyavi, movies, music, photography, pop, rain, rainbows, reading, rock, sai, sex, singing, smirnoff apple bite, solitude, some rap, summer nights, sunsets, the fray, thunderstorms, travel, walks, writing
Schools:None listed
People2:news, system
Member of:3: above, inkpen, scribbldfinds
Account type:Early Free User

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