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User:rhodanum (31489)
The Queen of TL;DR
you have been suitably warned
Name:Gabi. S
Location:Bucharest, Romania
Interests:88: alchemy, alternate timeline, alternate universe, androgyny, anti-bashing, anti-ship wars, argento soma, astro boy, atheism, attack no. 1, au, being a canon nazi, bisexuality, buddhism, civil rights, classic english literature, creativity, darth vader, e-heroes, elemental heroes, fan-fiction, fantasy literature, folk, folklore, freedom of expression, galaxy express 999, gay rights, genderqueer, good characterization, goodfic, graphics, gx, hands, human rights, icon making, independent thought, jazz, je m'en fiche, jean-jacques rousseau, kenn, l'homme sauvage, leiji matsumoto, lgbt, lgbtq, liberalism, linguistics, metropolis, mila superstar, milk, millennial queen, modern poetry, native customs, neo-spacians, occultism, old-school anime, originality, osamu tezuka, paganism, political philosophy, polytheism, progressive au, queen millennia, ranting, reading, ripple effect, role-play, rp, sarcasm, sci-fi literature, shoujo-ai, shounen anime, social democracy, soul, soulshipping, star wars, the nabs, the social contract, vignettes, world history, writing, yu-gi-oh, yu-gi-oh gx, yubel, yuki judai, yuri, yuugiou, yuugiou gx, yuuki juudai
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Communities3:above, discord, scribbldfinds
Member of:3: above, discord, scribbldfinds
Account type:Early Free User

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