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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]rhodanum. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: firm gaze ► Isis Ishtar [DM]
on the wings of the mystral
Keywords: always ► Judai // Yubel [GX]
together with you ► made by Happybutter @ LJ
Keywords: not serious ► Yubel-Johan [GX]
not even for one second
Keywords: trope ► Ozai [ATLA]
respect it or else
Keywords: I say what I mean ► Yuki Judai [GX]
but I don't mean what I say
Keywords: iridescent ► Johan Andersen [GX]
from on high, gaze down at me ► made by Happybutter @ LJ
Keywords: take note ► Manjoume Jun [GX]
a king is me ► made by Razzberridust @ LJ
Keywords: boatlights ► Yuki Judai [GX]
not tricked ever for a second ► made by me
Keywords: food ► Fa Mulan [Mulan]
nommage is good for you ► made by me
Keywords: facepalm ► Yubel-Johan [GX]
I am trying not to laugh
Keywords: intent ► Isis Ishtar [DM]
the goddess looks upon me
Keywords: confusion ► Yuuhi // Judai [YGO]
did you shuffle them right?
Keywords: damn ► Fudou Yuusei [5Ds]
fangirls on my lawn
Keywords: three in one ► Judai // Johan // Sho [
good package deal. no?
Keywords: pretty please? ► Manjoume Jun [GX]
if I give you the excited puppy look ► made by Razzberridust @ LJ
Keywords: pwned ► Manjoume Jun [GX]
given that it was inevitable ► made by Razzberridust @ LJ
Keywords: always chaotic evil ► Yubel-Johan [GX]
follow the trope and quiver in fear ► made by Happybutter @ LJ
Keywords: gaaah! ► Fa Mulan [Mulan]
caught completely by surprise ► made by me
Keywords: dark-skinned goddess ► Isis Ishtar [DM
with your gaze of stone
Keywords: keep your head down ► Yubel-Johan // J
and kneel before me ► made by Happybutter @ LJ
Keywords: hold you ► Anakin // Padme [Star Wars]
until the storm shall pass ► made by Rumination @ LJ
Keywords: all is one ► Yuugi // Judai // Yuusei
and one is all ► made by me
Keywords: sultry ► Yubel [GX]
don't tempt the hermaphrodite dragon ► made by Happybutter @ LJ
Keywords: light as a feather ► Kagura [Inuyasha]
the tip of vitriolic hatred ► made by me
Keywords: together ► Akira // Saki [Higashi no E
do I amuse you? ► made by me
Keywords: oh shit! ► Yuki Judai [GX]
I'm screwed now, aren't I? ► made by me
Keywords: stories ► Judai // Sho // Hayato [GX]
shared under the veil of night ► made by me
Keywords: exhaustion ► Izayoi Aki [5Ds]
speak before I can no longer hear you ► made by me
Keywords: dark signer ► Dark Carly [5Ds]
rising from the deeps ► made by me
Keywords: weary ► Edo Phoenix [GX]
of white lies and half-truths ► made by me

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