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August 2009

Gabi. S
Date: 2009-08-27 22:03
Subject: Introductory Notice
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What can I say about myself? I've never been good with introductions, for one -- they tend to be far too awkward for my tastes even at the best of times (and that is certainly saying something).

Suffice it to say that I'm a dirt-poor college student from the arse-end of civilization, with a rather poor health and a heightened interest in decidedly sedentary activities as a direct consequence of this (chief of which tends to be reading, followed by writing and some minor, entirely disastrous dabbling in web-design). My humor tends to be of three varieties -- self-deprecating, morbid or sarcastic -- and my moods generally don't shift all over the place unless I find myself during a certain time-period without any chocolate nearby (case in which a human punching bag will usually suffice).

My main interest at the moment is fandom and the connections that can be made within it. Fandom-wise, I'm all over the place, but generally tend to prefer anime and currently have a very torrid love affair with Yuugiou Duel Monsters GX. The underdogs have always tickled my fancy, one way or the other. Bonus points if there are elitists to spite on top of that merely by liking what they generally deride.

All other fandoms include this ungodly mish-mosh: Star Wars with some Star Trek sprinkled on top for good measure (proud TNG and Enterprise fan), Queen Millennia, Galaxy Express 999, Arcadia of My Youth (hell, all of Leiji Matsumoto's works), Attack No. 1 (generally known in the West by the German dub name Mila Superstar), Astro Boy, Metropolis, FLCL, Toward the Terra (both the new series and the 1980 OVA), The Clone Wars animated series (not so much the computer-animated one), Transformers: Beast Wars, ReBoot, the Justice League, Sailor Nothing (go read it because it is deliciously awesome!), Basara, Skip!Beat, Yuugiou DM, Swat Kats (anyone remember these fellows?), Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea.... hell, most 1980s cartoons and anime, while we're still at it. Fond remembrance is a frequent habit of mine.

Feel free to friend if you like what you see. Drop me a note with your name and interests, because I'm always looking to expand my social circle.

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