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User:flatlined (18850)
Interests:78: a fine frenzy, aimless wanderings, anthropology, art, autumn, being vegan, black and white photography, books, bookshops, conversations with strangers, correct grammar, crime shows, crosswords, dreaming, edward cullen, ee cummings, even numbers, existentialism, faeries, forever, friends, girls with red hair, green tea, his smile, indie films, intellectuals, intensity, janis joplin, joan of arcadia, jose vanders, juno, kate nash, kurt halsey, late night conversation, late nights, layouts, london, love letters, making mistakes, making up words, milan kundera, minimalism, mixtapes, music, nirvana, no words, philosophy, photography, playing-scrabble-at-three-in-the-morning, poetry, prison break, public transportation, rainy days, reading, rupert&penelope, sarah wayne callies, sarcasm, semicolons, sharpies, silence, simplicity, skins, sleeping, solitude, staying up all night, supernatural, text messaging, the smell of rain, things in alphabetical order, thrift shops, twilight, used bookstores, veronica mars, walking in the rain, wind, writing, writing letters, your hands are cold
People2:recycledfaery, scribblecat
Account type:Early Free User

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