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User:mahou (34132)
moar words
Name:world championship master d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duelist

Beyond the Shards

“The motto of chivalry is also the motto of wisdom; to serve all, but love only one.”

They call me Kattu♫ I have geeky joints♫ Beat me up♫ And earn 15 Silver Points♫ You're so weak♫ I am so strong♫ I punched your lights out♫ Now run along♫ Previously known as mei. I really hate writing profile information so this is going to be super lame. I'm level 23, live in the Netherworld, and come equipped with a whip. I don't have a partner for super special awesome combos, but I have a bitchin' party (but I think I'm the healer again fffff). I listen to a lot of weird music, I troll forums, and I am trying to collect figures. I hate just about everyone, but they'll all tell you I'm a good friend. Pfft to them I say. I play a lot of video games and am slowly getting back into watching anime. I am well known in these parts for playing World of Nerfcraft (|) and can answer most of the questions thrown my way regarding the game. Go on, ask me something, it still amazes people to this day. I also enjoy making graphics, writing private fanfic, roleplaying (mostly funny scenarios), working with the Vocaloid programs, and engaging in sexy comment wars.

When it comes to friendship, I take it very seriously. I'm one of those people who will smack you if you're doing something destructive to yourself and will often turn the other head if something minor will wreck our closeness. I'm more interested in a person than their fandoms, so if you're looking for someone to jump with you into every single new thing, I'm not that kind of pal. If you need a shoulder to cry on or advice, I'm good for that. And that's about my limit for writing about myself, sorry folks!

Code Geass, Phoenix Wright, Vocaloids, Touhou Project, Bioshock, Record of Lodoss War, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Inu-Yasha, Naruto, AION, No More Heroes, Disgaea, Makai Kingdom, Eureka Seven, Gurren Lagann, FLCL, Fire Emblem, Growlanser, Gao Gai Gear, IF IT HAS A GIANT MECHA AND TITS I AM PROBABLY WATCHING/PLAYING IT, Hell Girl, King of Fighters, Street Fighters, Megaman, Moetan, Ragnarok Online, Super Robot Wars, Evangelion, Etrian Odyssey, Rurouni Kenshin, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, School Days, World of Warcraft, Tenjou Tenge.

Claims & Crews
[info]iam the Franziska von Karma of Scribbld~!

[info]iam the Tsunade of Scribbld~!

[info]iam the Rin Kagamine of Scribbld~!

i'm caught in a bad romance with ➸ Naruto Uzumaki

★ ★ V O C A L O I D Megurine Luka ★ ★
★ ★ V O C A L O I D Alice Human Sacrifice ★ ★

[info]ihavemarried [info]amenu ♥♥
[info]ihavemarried Naruto Uzumaki ♥♥
[info]ihavemarried Phoenix Wright ♥♥

Memories2 entries
Interests:1: playing children's card games
Friends:None listed.
Also Friend of:16: amenu, curiousvenus, ghostteyes, hanabi, kirie, lunareuphoria, pookie_hikari, rei, rhyme, roark, skwigelf, toki__wartooth, unicorn, urgent, valcion, yuna
Member of:25: 10_lyricons, 10variations, all_icontest, animechorus, animeicontest, bishoujoawards, bishounenawards, bitchbook, deadletters, dear_you, encouragement, fandom20in20, hushawards, iam, icondoit, ihavemarried, ost_challenge, rants, savethequeen, scribbld_top5, scribbldfinds, shounenawards, soundlife, the_icontest, wowcraft
Account type:Early Free User

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