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Community Information

Below is information about the "Shounen Awards" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:shounenawards (34491)
Name:Shounen Awards
Theme:An icontest for those who are fans of cute males!
winner's showcase | affiliates | suggest a theme | maintainer's blog

This is Shounen Awards, the icontest for those who like making icons of cute guys in anime, videogames, manga, and much more. Feel free to join and participate by either submitting icons or simply voting in the polls! We need people to do both!

How it works:
Every week, Axel will post a new theme consisting of both a word theme and a lyrical theme. You are to use the theme as a prompt to make some icons. You may use the same theme for multiple icons or make one for each theme, it's up to you! All users may submit up to two icons per submission entry unless otherwise specified (sometimes, I have special themes where people can submit three). On Friday nights at 11PM EST (life permitting) the voting will be posted and then on the following Sunday, the results are tallied.

Rules for submitting icons:
1. All icons must meet scribbld standards (100x100 pixels or less, 40kb or less in size, be .jpg, .gif or .png file type).

2. Each member is allowed to submit two (2) icons per submission post (unless otherwise stated in the post).

3. Icons must feature a male character from anime, manga, movies, comics, or videogames. Light boy's love (shounen-ai) is permitted, but hardcore yaoi is not. Keep your icons PG-13!

4. Do not advertise your icons before the voting ends for that submission week. Do not post them anywhere else, and do not tell people which ones are yours.

5. All entries must be made for the submission. Do not recycle icons from other communities. Entries should be less than a week old.

6. You are allowed to use fanart, though it is encouraged that you ask the artist (if you can) or at least include a link to the original. If you know the artist's website, please include that also!

7. Don't be a douche bag.

Rule for voting:
Do not vote for your own icons or ask people to specifically vote for your icons. That's cheating.

Interests:3: anime, manga, videogames
Maintainers:1: kiokushitaka
Members:15: bar_ohki, chaostheory, destructive, hammerofjustice, kiokushitaka, kirie, kogarasumaru, lunareuphoria, magickcauldron, mahou, manlygraphics, mei, rei, rezista, urgent
Watched by:12: bar_ohki, destructive, hammerofjustice, kiokushitaka, kirie, kogarasumaru, lunareuphoria, magickcauldron, manlygraphics, rei, rezista, urgent
Account type:Early Free User

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