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User:chaostheory (25659)
Location:Georgia, United States
Hallo! I am ChaosTheory, though most people call me by the names of the numerous characters I roleplay. I am 23 and an Aquarius. Strangely enough my horoscope does fit my personality, go figure. I’m a very laid-back easy-going person who loves to spend time talking to friends in any way that I can, roleplaying, writing, reading, video games, and playing with my dogs. I admit that I am a recovering World of Warcraft addict, and I do tend to type ‘woot’ and ‘lol’ more than I used too.

I am in college again, it seems that I'm out to become a professional student. Between juggling class, work, and life somehow I find time to spend hours in front of the computer as well...

If you really want to know more about me, ask! I enjoy making friends even if I tend to rant off ears! Really, I swear.


[info]iam the Grimoire Valentine (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 )of Scribbld!
[info]iam the Leon (Kingdom Hearts) of Scribbld!
[info]iam the Muraki Kazutaka (Yami no Matsuei) of Scribbled!


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Schools:Valdosta State University - Valdosta, GA (2007 - 2008)
People16:bar_ohki, eevee, endlesstrick, escapetheory, godcomplex, hammerofjustice, jubilations, juuhachigou, kiokushitaka, murphyslaw, sehnsucht, shinimegami, sleepereffect, strawberrytea, urgent, utena
Communities3:animeicontest, einsam_ritter, schadenfreude
Mutual Friends:11: bar_ohki, eevee, endlesstrick, hammerofjustice, juuhachigou, kiokushitaka, sehnsucht, shinimegami, strawberrytea, urgent, utena
Also Friend of:2: ahclanks, opheliac
Member of:11: animechorus, animeicontest, bishoujoawards, deadletters, einsam_ritter, fandom20in20, flamecup, iam, rants, schadenfreude, shounenawards
Account type:Early Free User

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