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User:ahclanks (32637)
Location:United States
Bio:These are the clanks of Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius!! Clanks are basically robots with various degrees of artificial intelligence. They are usually designed to preform tasks for their Mistress (namely Agatha ([info]girlgenius) or their current owner (Sena's ([info]eyeshield21) the most likely candidate for clank ownership at this time as he is Agatha's minion). Most of Agatha's clanks can communicate in some way or another, usually by talking.

Any RP clanks will be ran by mods before entry into the RP. You are allowed to destroy and kill clanks (blowing them up is particularly spectacular). Right now I'm running the fashion clank (first encountered here and again seen here). I might keep it around, I don't know. You are welcome to have your character get mad and shot it's head off. After all, Agatha can always build a new one!
Interests:7: agatha heterodyne, blots, cogs, functioning, gears, nuts, trilobites
Schools:None listed
People5:chaostheory, hammerofjustice, kiokushitaka, news, system
Friend of:2: bar_ohki, hammerofjustice
Member of:1: crackttown
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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