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User:valcion (18551)
Name:Space Runaway Valcion Baldios Arado Kirisame III
Location:Coventry, Rhode Island, United States
Bio:Welcome to Moonside.
Wecomel to Soonmide.
Moonwel ot cosidme.
Welcome to Moonside.
Wel come to moo nsi ns dem oons ide.
Moo nsi dem oons ide.
Sidem oonsi demoon.
Welc welc omewelc omeome.

Actual userinfo to come soon.
Interests:100: (°Д°), 4chan, a barrel roll, anime, anime conventions, baccano, bang bang, beatmania, blazblue, captain harlock, cheetahmen, chiptunes, code geass, cosplay, crushing things, danmaku, desert bus, detroit metal city, disgaea, dj sharpnel, doing the impossible, dream theater, earthbound, engrish, falcon punch, fighting games, g gundam, gaiking, gaogaigar, genesis of aquarion, getter robo, god hand, guilty gear, gundam 00, gundam wing, gurren lagann, higurashi, hooray!, huge ass fighting robots, idolm@ster, infected mushroom, inside jokes, itty bitty table legs, jam project, jeeg, kamina glasses, kara no kyoukai, king dedede, king of fighters, kirby, landmaster, legend of zelda, legos, macross, makai kingdom, mazinger z, mecha, megaman, melty blood, metroid, miko armpits, moe zombies, mother, mudkips, nice boat, nintendo, no more heroes, obscure starfox 64 quotes, oh god what, orange transparent chainsaw, orange transparent chainsaws, phoenix wright, pop'n music, rock band, rockman, seeing the invisible, stealing precious things, succubi, super robot wars, super smash brothers brawl, team fortress 2, thinking with portals, touching the untouchable, touhou, touhou project, transformers, trombe override, turn a gundam, type-moon, umineko, universe, venetian snares, video games, virtual-on, welcome to moonside, wolf o'donnel, world of warcraft, zelda, zoids genesis, ಠ_ಠ
Schools:None listed
People39:ada, aheroemerges, akuma, alphonse, amenu, anemone, bar_ohki, cc, diaochan, drella, eevee, feuerfrei, hammerofjustice, hanabi, hookah, kiokushitaka, kirie, lunareuphoria, luvotomy, mahou, mei, nickthefanboy, nunnally, rapture, rei, reiji_mitsurugi, ryuuichi, shattering, shinimegami, snake, starscream, sync, unicorn, urgent, utena, valcion, whip, whistlerr, zombeh
Communities4:addme, animeaddme, honorcup, wowcraft
Friend of:30: akuma, amenu, anemone, cc, diaochan, drella, eevee, feuerfrei, hammerofjustice, hanabi, kiokushitaka, kirie, lunareuphoria, luvotomy, nickthefanboy, nunnally, rapture, rei, reiji_mitsurugi, ryuuichi, shinimegami, starscream, sync, unicorn, urgent, utena, valcion, whip, whistlerr, zombeh
Member of:7: addme, animeaddme, deadletters, dear_you, honorcup, rants, wowcraft
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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